Friday Finds: An Artist, Two Quotes, and Two Blogs

I came across this quote from Antoni Gaudi a week or two ago.  And, well it's just one of those things that makes you think.

"But man does not create, he discovers."

Words to describe how we create with our Creator.

How about this from Gaudi also, 

"The Creation continues incessantly through the media of man."

Now, this even hones more into the relationship with our Creator when we create.

I found these quotes via Jeanne Oliver.

who posted from Junelle Jacobsen.

Oh my, both of these sites are brim filled with beauty.  You won't be disappointed.

Kim Klassen dot Com

In Heaven There Is No......

I assume the world knows the old Polka, "In Heaven There is No Beer", right?  Here is a link, in case you don't.  Oh gosh, when I searched You Tube for a video of this song....well, let's just say, there were many that weren't very good!!

Anyway, Friday, when the little girls and I went up to the farm, I had to bring home a few treasures!  Look at those wonderful rusty barrel rings!! No, I have no idea what I'll do with them, I'm open to suggestions! 

 They (along with a few other rusty pieces) were still in the back of the suburban when we were loading the car to leave for a family visit on Sunday.  My 14 year old daughter was surprised to see this "junk" in the back.  She and I bantered back and forth a bit debating whether my love for rust graces or dis-graces our family, ha!!  It was pretty fun and then she asked, "Well, Mom, do you think there's rust in Heaven???"  Hmmmm.  "I suppose not."  "That's why I better collect it here!"  Which then led to me breaking out in song....(which I can completely attest would have brought "dis-grace" to anyone listening).  My husband even helped me with the words!

So here you go, sung to the tune of "In Heaven There is No Beer":

Now, will this song (either version) be stuck in your head all day?!  I'm sorry!

Saturday Digest

►We made a quick trip up to the farm yesterday to take some pictures and check out some sheds.  Coming home, we were treated to a magnificent sunset.  By the time I got to where I could pull over, it was almost completely down.  A Nebraska sunset complete with cows in the foreground.  Funny thing about a sunset, it's God's gift to absolutely everyone, but when you look at it through your own eyes with Him, you feel like it was a gift given just for you.

►With the lightening speed communication in the world, often times I'm  not sure if I'm on the front end or the rear end (ha!) of an idea or popular "thing".  So that being said, This was new to me this past summer when we attended the wedding of a friend's son.  They had a short story of "Where they were from" and I learned that it's kind of a popular thing to do.  I've not tried it, but you can find the template to do it here. It seems like an excellent exercise to do!

►At Christmas I placed a large order from Amazon and accidentally ordered two copies of the same book, one in hard back and one in paperback.  I know, a bit scatterbrained at the time.  I finally got to the task of returning the paperback this week.  When I went to the "returns" page, they have a drop down menu to select why you are returning the item.  "Accidental Order" was the first on the list.  ?!?!?!  I am obviously not the only one to accidentally order something!  AND, then, when I completed the task, a pop up window, well, popped up, and said that this item is "on us", no need to return it and a credit will be given.  Thank you Amazon.  

Artizen Magazine featured a story in their latest magazine about this neat project, Art-O-Mats. I found out there are two in Nebraska!  I hope to buy some small pieces of art soon!  I know Lisa of Lil Fish Studios has put some of her felted and stitched stones in an Art-O-Mat.  For more information, go to the Art-O-Mat web site.   Be sure to check out the page showing all of the machines they have refurbished.

Abandoned School House

Last week I was heading up to watch the barn be moved, but on my way, my husband called and said it had been postponed because of the wind.  Right at the point on the road when I hung up was this abandoned school house that I've always wanted to photograph. :)

Now, the winds were at 45 mph and it was cold, so I didn't stick around to take too many, ha!

I hope to get permission to go inside and look around and maybe take some more photos.  My husband is on it for me.

It didn't work out for me to go up when they did move the barn, but it is now on the fairgrounds, moved without incident.  They won't have it on the foundation for awhile, but it will be ready before the fair there this summer.

I think it will be kind of hard for everyone to see the empty spot on the farm.  But, this is a good thing for sure. 

Another Driver!

It's time to start training another driver.  Now, why oh WHY did we not do it this way with the oldest three???  Up and down our lane we are going and will keep going until she gets her learner's permit.  The other kids...pretty much, lerner's permit---the street.  With lots of tension.

This time low key.
Up and down the lane.
For a year.  Off and on.
Less stress.
That's my plan, anyway. :)

And, two little observers who thought this was great fun!! 

They'll be driving.

The above mosaic was textured with Kim Klassen's texture "2811".
Check out others textured photos at Texture Tuesday.

Beautiful Weather

This looks far more like a fall day blog post than a January blog post!  At least for Nebraska that is.
This is a big old cottonwood on our place.  I know so many don't like cottonwoods because the branches crack off so easily.  But, those, people don't watch the leaves dance from their windows.  Or listen to the cottonwood leaves rustle in the wind.

And look at the beauty from a fallen branch of a cottonwood.
It's frozen to the ground right now but when it thaws I believe I will bring it in although it's big.  It has another branch scar like this on the other side.  I found some smaller ones yesterday that weren't frozen to the ground and they are drying on my back step right now.
I suppose there is a word for this formation.  Anyone know?

And, always, I scrounge for leaf skeletons.  Yesterday, did not disappoint.

I hope you had a nice weekend!

I Like Rocks.

I like rocks a lot.  I'm not sure when it started because I remember laughing at my husband, Jim, (for those new here, he passed away 13 years ago) when he wanted to go into a rock store on vacation.  And, we bought bags of rocks.  I teased him a lot.

Well, now, I have rocks here and there throughout the house. Nothing special.  Driveway rocks.  But, they are special. Just because. My youngest three girls go out a find rocks in our driveway that they think I will like then bring them in for a "rock show" to sell them to me. A penny for some, nickels for some....  That may be where the jar of rocks that has been sitting on my dresser for a long time came from.  It's been there awhile and I've enjoyed it even under the coat of dust it had.

Anyway, post Christmas is always a purging/dusting sort of phase I go through as many do.  As I was dusting our bedroom, the rocks grabbed my attention again and I took time to play with them.  Not by chance, the next day, a friend sent me a poem through email about not worrying about dusting and enjoying life.  :)  
I had, I told her.

My Friday Find this week:  
Driveway Rocks. Memories. Love. Taking Time To See It.

Kim Klassen dot Com

Wordless Wednesday

Mooooo-ving Cows

Last week they were moving some cattle on the farm and needed some help to watch the roads at the intersections so the kids and I headed up.

I will be the first to tell you that I know nothing about cows, but I can sit in a suburban, entertain my little girls, keep warm, and take pictures.
And, stand and wave big when they begin to head down my road. 

Pretty easy job.  My older kids were in other vehicles on other roads.  Pretty easy job for them too.  Then we ate pizza. :)

 I misunderstood where my second point of "watching" was and missed the end of the move as I was 1/2 mile too far down the road.  :(  No cattle got away, so, apparently, I wasn't indispensable, ha!

I'm linking up with Kim for Texture Tuesday.  All the images were layered with two layers of  "2811".

Saying Goodbye to an Awesome Barn.

Last September my husband's family had a last hurrah in a barn that we are donating to the Cumming County Fairgrounds.

We celebrated the barn and the rural life with a hayrack ride and one last final barn dance.

The epitome of a rural outing...the hayrack ride!!
We had another one a month later for my mother in law's 80th birthday.

The sky was vast and gorgeous.

While on the hayrack ride, we had this view of the barn (the one on the left) and all the cars of those who came to celebrate and the cows who didn't care.

A center pivot from a neighboring farm we drove by.

When we got back, many had gathered and the sun was going down.

These are the steps going up to the vast and INCREDIBLE loft of the barn where the family had annual dances for many years.

The loft:  Truly a beautiful place.  The lighting was so low though this is the best I could do that night. There was a DJ set up in the corner and food in the other corner.  I actually didn't stay for more than a couple of dances though once they got started as I was pretty sure a late night in a barn kicking up dust would not be a good idea for our youngest two daughters who have allergies. 
The family barn dances had ended before I met my husband so this was the closest I got to going to one.

This is the horse barn under the loft.  The reason the Fair Committee wanted the barn was to restore it for historical purposes as a horse barn has become a place of the past.

A glimpse into another time and place.

Such a wonderful time and place too.

Barn doors. :)

Of course I never had to do any chores on a cold winter night in this barn either so it's pretty easy for me to romanticize it!

My husband and five of our kids (missing the oldest)

I took these last pictures on another visit to the barn after the dance.  We tossed around the idea of moving the barn to where we live now.  I had visions of how we would use it!  However, a few obstacles sat in the way like space and money, ha! 
As nice as it would be to have this barn for access whenever we wanted, it's so good that it will be restored and maintained for everyone to enjoy.  I think it will even be able to be rented out for events at the fairgrounds.
It's currently up on wheels and is scheduled to move next week.  I sure hope I can get up there to take a few pictures of it being moved. 

We still have a smaller barn and a couple of sheds.
 Maybe one of them will make the trek to our home here.  

'Tis the Season for Hearts

Walking through the dining room in the morning this week, the sun shining on my coffee cup turned candle holder caught my eye and look what I found. :)

Over the past couple of years, I've posted a few times about hearts and Valentines.
In case you'd like to reminisce with me:  
The mantle which I enjoyed sooooo much!!!! (which isn't actually a heart, but for Valentine's day)

Is It Too Late? Never!

It may be January 8th, but it's not too late to toast with you all to the new year...

Happy New Year!!

We rang in the new year with my sister in law and nieces, great nieces, and nephew as we have now for a few years.  The kids have so much fun playing together and sleeping in sleeping bags on the living room floor!
  My husband and I actually stayed up until midnight.  Barely.

I have a hunch that even when the kids are all older, New Years will remain low key for us. Ha!

We've had a really nice Christmas season and I hope the same for all of you.  The younger kids are back in school again and the college kids will be going back this weekend.  


The year I turn 50!!

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