Robelyn Has Me Hooked

We've been making flowers 'round here!  I've seen them around on the web, and had tried  a couple, but hadn't burned the edges.  Robelyn posted about them here and I HAD to try more.  There are more--just not around for the "shoot".  I added some to head bands too.

This button and fabric came from a vintage jacket I bought at an auction.

This pin was made from two different vintage ties, some tulle, and a few beads.

I did learn to place the pin back towards the top of the back, not in the center.  Then it hangs properly when pinned.

This red one was made from scraps of red velvet I had.  All it takes is scraps!

The burning for some of the fabrics what really sets them off. Some fabric just doesn't burn or melt right, so then you get a different look without it.

And, this one used the other button from the jacket and pieces from a vintage dress I have had  forever.  In too bad of shape to sell. It was hard cutting up the clothes, but really what else can you do with them when they are rough and stained?

I'm hoping to add a few to bags....I have a big pile of fabric just waiting to be burned!

"Junk"le Bells in January

It's the first installment of "Junk"le Bells ...all year 'round....!!

My first "Junk"le Bells project is tassel ornaments made from vintage glass knobs.  I have both black and clear and thought they both worked well.

I made the tassel and threaded the cord up through the knob and then topped it off with a black vintage button.  (Just a few of those laying around here!)

The fibers aren't old but I think all of them were purchased at Goodwill or garage sales.  I really love what I call "fiber bundles" tied to anything!

The pretty beads came from a garage sale where a woman was ending her craft sale career and was cutting way back.  I bought some beautiful trims from her!

So, these are ornaments for my "junk" tree next Christmas, but I'm tempted to just leave them hanging in my sewing room for awhile.

For more pictures on how I made these, check out the flickr group here.

Now, please share your projects this week!  
---Feel free to grab the "Junk"le Bells button.
---Please be sure to link up with your specific blog post with your "Junk"le Bells project in Mr. Linky.
---Please visit others to see what they've been making.
---Add photos to the Flickr group if you don't have a blog but still want to share your project.
---The Mr. Linky will stay open until Friday so you have the week to join up.

"Junkle" Bells All Year Round Participants
1. Anna
2. TreasuresRenewed
3. kimmykats
4. Junkin Jane
5. Prior
6. Kim (thehillbilly)

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The Ice on the Trees Has Been "Love"ly!

More Wordle--Just For Fun

I first learned what onomatopoeia meant from the cartoon Hey Arnold years back when watching it with the kids.  Arnold was in a spelling bee-don't remember if he got it right or not.  It's a GREAT word!

From the site Examples of Onomatopoeia:

What is Onomatopoeia?

The noun onomatopoeia is thought to has been first used in around 1577 AD. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word onomatopoeia originates from the Greek word onomatopoiia meaning 'word-making'. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary reports the onomatopoiia is derived from the Greek onoma 'name' and poiein 'to make'.

Onomatopoeia is pronounced: \ˌä-nə-ˌmä-tə-ˈpē-ə, -ˌma-\ 

Definition of Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g., cuckoo, sizzle).

I know, more that you needed or wanted to know.

Junkle Bells Trial Run

 raw materials for "junk" ornaments

OK, I'm doing this--Junkle Bells All Year Round, would you like to join me?!  So, at the end of November when there are gifts to buy, programs to go to, baking to get at, know....I will have some new (relatively speaking) ornaments to pull out and decorate a  "Junk" tree with.  And, if all goes as planned, an advent calendar as well.  You really want to check out that advent calendar link.  Teresa over at My Minutia is quite talented and that advent calendar is awesome!

Don't have a blog?  You can still participate and share your photos on Flikr.  Just sign up for a flikr account, join the Junkle Bells group and post pictures of your projects.

Today, is a trial run with Mr. Linky.  Go ahead and link any post you'd like.  I just want to know if it works!

At the end of each month, I'll set up another Mr. Linky for you to post your Junkle Bells project.  It can be an ornament, tree, or any kind of decoration made from recycled, upcycled, old, or vintage components.  Maybe it will be your work in progress or an old post you've done, but would like to share.  Let's just inspire each other with ideas---and MOTIVATION!

This Mr. Linky is now closed.

"Junkle" Bells All Year Round Participants
1. TreasuresRenewed
2. The Farmer's Wife
3. The Whistle Stop
4. Extreme Tree Trim
5. juNxtaposition
6. Joy @ Uncanny Festoon

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Scrappy Project--(Really Scrappy)

A few months ago, I pulled these grass seed bags plus some other feed sacks from the garbage at the auction house I go to. Not too many people saw me. They were really stained and worn....go figure....

I finally decided what to do with some of them. I need a big bag to carry packages to the post office. I usually grab a garbage bag, which then usually gets a hole in it, and is no longer good for garbage.

I laundered them, but most of the stains are still there. But, I figured women tea stain their projects all the time. My stains are the real thing! Because they were pretty worn, I decided to add "patches" all reinforced with free motion machine embroidery. It also was a good way to set off the faded lettering.

My wordle obsession has now been put to use. I used an iron on transfer to make two "patches" for my bag. This was such a good project to practice on. I should have followed the instructions better for the transfer. Both of the ones I did scorched a little. But, it just looks like more stains. Ahhhhh, imperfection--gotta love it!

If I need to patch it up more along the way. No problem!

I love the texture of the seed bags too, slightly rough.

Full of boxes and ready to go! OK, so these boxes are empty, but soon... after more sales here and here!!

I decided not to put a drawstring in the top. I think it would get in the way.

So, this is a very scrappy project, but I really like my very utilitarian bag. It has that old used and loved feel to it.

AND, I love Wordle!!

If You Could Photograph "Cold"...

....this week in Nebraska. The cows weren't moving; they honestly looked frozen. I hope you're staying warm where you are!

Every Once in a Blue Moon.....

New Year's Eve, there was a Blue Moon (a second full moon in the month). My son informed me, or this special event would have slipped right past me. It was a bit chilly (to say the very least), so I took this picture with my tripod through one of the windows in our library. It was just happenstance, that as I began to shoot, changing the exposure settings, the blue moon was photographed in a blue moon shape!

I think I prefer the word serendipity!

Here's to Today

...been spending a bit of time on the Wordle site again....and I wish this all for all of you; peace, love, joy, prosperity, and blessings!

But, to tell you the truth, I'm not much of a New Year's resolution type of person. I believe that every day is a new beginning. Sometimes each moment can be a new beginning. Especially, when you're grieving, worried, or you've messed up.

So this is my prayer for you; that every day you will feel the love and peace of Christ anew, just as fresh as the new year feels now.

Happy New Day!
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