Robelyn Has Me Hooked

We've been making flowers 'round here!  I've seen them around on the web, and had tried  a couple, but hadn't burned the edges.  Robelyn posted about them here and I HAD to try more.  There are more--just not around for the "shoot".  I added some to head bands too.

This button and fabric came from a vintage jacket I bought at an auction.

This pin was made from two different vintage ties, some tulle, and a few beads.

I did learn to place the pin back towards the top of the back, not in the center.  Then it hangs properly when pinned.

This red one was made from scraps of red velvet I had.  All it takes is scraps!

The burning for some of the fabrics what really sets them off. Some fabric just doesn't burn or melt right, so then you get a different look without it.

And, this one used the other button from the jacket and pieces from a vintage dress I have had  forever.  In too bad of shape to sell. It was hard cutting up the clothes, but really what else can you do with them when they are rough and stained?

I'm hoping to add a few to bags....I have a big pile of fabric just waiting to be burned!


  1. I love using up my scraps. It is so hard to part with any fabric -- I feel like I've got to put it to good use. Love your flowers and love how you upcycled!

  2. This is on my list of things to do, too! Hope you are safer with flames than Robelyn! I tend to be in her camp when it comes to flames...on a first name basis with our local firemen! The last photo is my favorite!


  3. What a great idea, they turned out beautiful! I'll have to try it!

  4. Very cool.... They really turned out nice.

    Keep On Junking

  5. they are pretty but dont get hurt!!!!

  6. LOLOL They are soooooo addictive right?!!? I tell you - I was mass producing them last night! LOLOL Jill - they are PERFECT on bags - I can't wait to see yours all "flowered up"!!! Oh my oh my... I'm drooling DROOLING over your red one - it looks like a poppy!

    Gorgeous - every. single. one. of. them.

    ;-) Robelyn

  7. Those are cool. Just don't use a fire extinguisher to put out the flames :)
    Robelyn can tell you what I mean by that.
    Love this project.

  8. That is just to cool. I really want to learn how to make some of those and you knowwwww how I love fire. I might have to come down for some instructions. My head is full of questions!!!!! Love you, Danita

  9. Very sweet! I'm gonna have to try making those!

  10. very very pretty - but some fabrics are so flammable. As an experienced craft teacher I know you can't be too careful - try telling this one to an insurance company. I will try making some but no "flambes" lol.


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