One night after a very stressful shopping trip, we got home and as I went to toss the garbage from the trip out, this spider had made it's home above the garbage can. My kids helped me take pictures of it by holding a flashlight on the spider while I shot with a tripod. The "moon" in back was pure bonus--it's our outside garage light blurred from the short depth of field. After I realized what was happening, I centered the spider. We also took some with my son's face behind the spider and the web to look like it was on his face. They turned out fun, but not great photos. ANYWAY, our spontaneous "photo shoot" was a great way to decrease stress from the trip.
The other picture is the "real moon" from our back yard about a week or so ago.

Moments On A Fall Day

Just as we headed out to walk, my little gal walked right into a branch which explains the big scratch on her cheek. The tire swing we have was made by my dad for my sister's kids; when they out grew it, she gave it to me. Hangs from an old rusty log chain(covered with plastic)--which epitomizes my dad. I love it. We had one growing up also--hard to beat swinging from a tree!

Leaf Skeletons

I'd been wondering how to begin--my blog that is--It's Fall and almost Halloween, so leaf skeletons are perfect! I realized this past summer that I've taken them for granted. I'm sure that years back I could just step out the door and find one of these little beauties of nature and enjoy. But when I finally got a macro lens a few months back; I headed outside to photograph leaf skeletons. Couldn't find but portions of them and mostly they still had their "skin" on. I kept checking and today when I went out, I finally found one whole one. That was when I knew today was the day to start my blog and what images I could include.

NOTE & TIP: Watch for poison ivy when scavaging for leaf skeletons, and should you stumble upon some (yes, I did!) wash with COLD water and soap ASAP. The cold will close your pores and decrease the chance of the ivy "juice" getting into your circulation. Warm water opens the pores. I hope my next post isn't pictures of my rash!!! If you'd seen our place last summer, you'd have thought we were raising it as a cash crop.

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