Vintage Hangers in My Garden

We haven't had a hard frost yet so I was happy to finally get out and cut some more flowers for drying.

My sage thrived in the dry heat this year and since I don't use it in the kitchen, I'm drying bundles of it.  The vintage hangers I collect are great for this.

I'm going to leave them outside for now and will bring in my dried bundles later.  I have plenty of seeds already saved from the cockscomb that I can let these seeds just drop.  Maybe they will surprise me with plants next year.

I used fine gauge craft wire to wire up the bundles and then on to the hangers.  As the stems dry they may need to be tightened up.

I'm hope to get out and wire up another herb wreath yet this year.  The one I made last year 
 can also be seen here and here.

We continue to fight viruses here.  Much better today. :)

Happy Friday!

Wordless Wednesday

Wedding Table Vignettes

One of my nephews got married this past Saturday.  It was a beautiful day!  I didn't take a lot of pictures but thought I'd show you their cute table decorations.

The bride used old books covered in brown and pretty papers, vintage white vases with casual arrangements of wild flowers, and votive candles.  Some tables had large sunflowers, but I didn't get a good picture of them.

She added the "titles" by printing out the text (mirror image) from the computer on wax paper that was glued to regular paper, then wet the ink, and rubbed it on the book cover.

Cute, huh?

I thought the white daisy stamped on the burlap table mat was perfect.

Here's my 7 y/o with her new "hair bow" that her big sister put in for her.  Perfect wedding hair. It was so cute!  My daughter had seen a tutorial somewhere online.

The Happy Couple!

Simply Bungalow's Autumn Market

We were in Lincoln this past weekend for my nephew's wedding and we had about 50 minutes to stop at Simply Bungalow's Autumn Market.  Kind of torture to not be able to lollygag around the wonderful goods. I snapped just a few pictures to share with you.
The first thing I saw was this wonderful dresser and I think it could be at home in our basement guest room.  However, no time to make such decisions on Saturday.  I'm not even sure whose booth it was in, sorry!

I have a much rougher version of this "thing" in my tank garden.  Not sure what it used to be, but it pairs up perfectly with the fall mum!

These buckets were very cool.

I need to go look for parts like this in my barn!
Look how the apples sparkle in the sun.  It was one gorgeous day.

The gals from Junk Jubilee are invinting you to their Christmas show called Junk Jubilee Jingles in
 Des Moines , IA.  I'd love to go!

Perfect little metal cabinet for small art supplies.

I finally got to meet Connie from Miss Maggie's House in Wayne, NE.  We spoke for about 2 minutes and I had to move on.  Someday, I'll get to visit her brick and mortar shop.  She had some beautiful items!

Altered bottle from Miss Maggie's House

Jewelry from Krafty Kash.  

Inside Simply Bungalow...another great set of vintage drawers!

I enjoyed the many mirrors they have for sale too.  This one had a picture of my oldest daughter. :)

Heidi puts together really wonderful displays.

...always drawn to clocks...

Felted soap. (another mirror behind.)

A pretty bouquet of paper flowers from Barb at Thoughtful Images Inc. (& another mirror)
Barb gives classes at Simply Bungalow too!

I thought this was fun! (another mirror)

The "u" is so awesome!  

You couldn't have asked for better weather for a fall market or for an outdoor wedding.  The wedding was out doors but the reception inside. I'll post some pictures of the table decorations from the wedding this week.  I think you'll like them!

Happy Monday. :)

One More Baby Picture and A Trojan Horse

In the early morning yesterday before her mamma was awake I spent time with my granddaughter. :)

Our school is playing the Trojans for their Homecoming game tonight and my son thought it would be fun to build a Trojan Horse for the pep rally. He's been working on it this past week. Early this morning my husband helped him load it up to take it to school.

I'm not sure what he'll do with it later, but it was a great project!  It's on big caster wheels so someone can ride it and be pulled around.  My little gals of course think it would be great fun to ride on but they haven't had a chance yet.

Have a great weekend!

Little Feet Came to Visit

Look at these sweet little feet! 

Our oldest daughter and grandchild came yesterday.  
We did a quick photo shoot in the tank garden before the sun went down behind the trees and she needed a bottle. 

My daughter and I still have a crib skirt to keeps getting pushed back and other projects pile on top of it.  Today it comes out.  Again. 

End of the Season

There won't be too many more days of cutting flowers so I'm enjoying it all I can.

I refilled my little salt shakers again today.

And, a fun silhouette of a trio of milk glass vases that are on our counter.

I hope your Fall is starting out nicely for you!

Wordless Wednesday

Late Evening Sun in the Garden

After a stressful day of sick girls which changed the plans for the celebration of our 21 year old my husband and I went to pick tomatoes and sit a spell in the tank garden.
I tried my hand at shooting the sun flares.
Photography is good therapy.
So is gardening.

The lace vine is in full bloom.

Another view of the lace vine in the late sun but without the pretty sun flare.

A Black-Eyed Susan vine in the warmth of the late sun.

The late sun is visually warm even if the air is beginning to be chilly.

The girls are better today.  

My 7 year old said at lunch, "I wish there was no sickness and all the Doctors could get different jobs and the hospitals could become schools."  

Do I hear an "Amen"?
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