Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Tea on a Tuesday::Texture Tuesday::Tuesday with the "Kims"

Good morning!  I'm linking up again with Kim at Art in Red Wagons for Tea on Tuesday or in my case...coffee.   Time to share the quotidian.
I've posted a version of this picture before, but, well, it was a long time ago, and I am drinking coffee. I just didn't have time to take a new picture because I'm working in photoshop with the other Kim!
So, that's what I'm up to today, catching up with the Test Kitchen videos and also getting our upstairs bedrooms and toy room cleaned up!

Kim Klassen has started a Texture Tuesday link up party for her textures at The Cafe. This photo was altered using two layers of the cool grunge texture from Kim.  Can't wait to check out all the other photos that are linked!  The brushes (the graceful foliage) I used are from Znow White which you can find here.

So....this is what I'm thinking today.  Life is dealing lemons so to speak...no gardening with the snow and rain falling outside.  So, I'll stay inside and practice working in Photoshop.  Ha.  Lemonade.  To go with my tea!

Be sure to enter into Kim's giveaway at Art in Red Wagons!  It's the birthday of her blog!

Mosaic Monday

 Hello!  My two oldest daughters were home for spring break and we did a bit of wedding work, watched a couple of movies, and just enjoyed them being home! (The youngest ones are going to miss them again now, they are much better at painting nails and doing hair than I am!)  In the midst of it, my oldest spruced up our home for spring.  This is one of our mantles after she did some gathering of items from around the house.  You can check out other mosaics at the Little Red House.

Happy Monday to you!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Mosaic Monday

Happy Monday!  I'm joining the Little Red House again for Mosaic Monday...Mary has beautiful photos on her blog.  I really like how she makes a mosaic with a pattern that compliments her photos.  I think I need to try that.

These clay tags I made, along with the coffee cup planters, will be available at Simply Bungalow this weekend. I have Rosemary planted in my cups  and cockscomb, hyacinth bean vines, black eyed susan vines in the peat pots...now grow and bloom please! It's been years since I've tried to start seeds inside.  

I think peat pots need to be brought indoors and used in decor somehow, they are so neat.  I've had these out in the barn for over 12 years.  It's time to use them.  (There are more.)  Maybe they could be used to organize little whatnots or torn up to use in a collage.  Have any of you used peat pots in a project?

As I Await Spring and Planting...

So, in a box of "junk" at an auction, was a can of hose ends.  Very nicely patina-ed, rusty hose ends.  Also a can of interesting bolts and nuts. "Cool", thought I.    At home I saw rose buds and daffodils instead of  hoses and bolts.  Ok, roses?  I don't know, flowers of some sort!  So until spring is here and I can dig, plant, and grow, my rustic flowers will do just fine.  AND, if you like them...you can find more that I made at Simply Bungalow in Lincoln at their open house the 18th and 19th.  They are selling some of my "goods" in their quaint and homey shop on 33rd St.  Check out Heidi's blog for more information. I have really enjoyed Heidi, her mom, Pam (and business partner) and sweet little girl on their buying trips to my home!

So, what else to do while waiting for warmer weather?  Besides the quotidian? Take Kim Klassen's online class, Photoshop the Essentials!  Then shop from  her large selection of textures and be obsessed with altering your photos INSTEAD of the quotidian

But, then stop and finish getting ready for the wedding!!!  Oh yes, it's only 2 1/2 months away!  We are so excited. I've been dancing around with the little girls getting them all excited too!  More projects to post soon!

Enjoy your weekend!



daily: a quotidian report.
usual or customary; everyday: quotidian needs.
ordinary; commonplace: paintings of no more than quotidian artistry.
(of a fever, ague, etc.) characterized by paroxysms that recur daily.
something recurring daily.
a quotidian fever or ague.
Is that not a great word?!  Did you know there was such a lovely and eloquent word for laundry
Kimmie from Art in Red Wagons hosts a blog party called "Tea on a Tuesday".  Read about it here.
It's a party to just visit, say "hey", and share your everyday.  The quotidian. 
 My quotidian.  Laundry and coffee.  I'm actually a little intimidated to use this new word, in case I use it incorrectly. :)
How's your day going? 

A Package of Treasures Came in the Mail

I won a fantastic giveaway a few weeks back and have been waiting for a chance to take some pictures of what came my way.  Rebecca Ersfeld has a lovely blog and some really inspiring pictures of her garden, her potting shed, and her computer room.  Those are just some of the recent posts...there is so much more, just keep clicking!!

My package from Rebecca included the three doilies, the planting box, tissue roses, the two ironstone pitchers on the right and the bundle of dried white berries.

 All so very pretty!!

I decided to add my fabric birds from my Junkle  Bells tree.

Some more birds perched on chalk blocks.  All of the birds are out of vintage fabrics.  If you would like to make your own, the pattern is here.  You can see a mobile of them here...so "anthropology-ish"...if you ask me.  I decided to sew most of my birds seam side out.  I liked the rough look to them that way.  I think seams out or in, they are just awesome.

I picked up that little elephant planter at an estate tag sale about a month ago.  So simple and just so cool.

Now, just silliness...see my open cupboard in the kitchen?  Can't blame my husband or my kids.  I am terrible at closing cupboards. Really.

Thank you Rebecca for my wonderful package!  I just love it all!! 

And, thank you Spool Sewing for the bird pattern!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
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