Beautiful Words

By happenstance, this morning I came across this photo that I shot before Christmas. I had begun to play around a bit with it using some free botanical images from Creative Market.  I had saved my file titled "Experiment with Typewriter".  So I continued the experiment now with adding graphic elements to one of my photos. 

My thoughts were about what a beautiful thing a typewriter is and what wonderful words and thoughts have come out of them over the years.  Of course now, it's a keyboard and computer for everyone. When we wrote only by hand or with a typewriter, so much more thought needed to go into our words before they were recorded.

I just really like the visual of our words, being chosen carefully to be released to bloom.

It's Lent---It always sneaks up on me.  And, still not sure what I think my Lenten season will look like.  I'm sure I've mentioned on here in past years that I have a tendency to dread Lent.  I need to always stop and remember that we are an Easter people and I can look ahead to the resurrection.  I do believe that Fat Tuesday will look like hamburgers on the grill and grilling beers though!  (With coat, scarf, and gloves on.)

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