Easter People

A number of years ago, I used to dread Lent.  Dread it.  It felt dark and ominous.  I'd spent so many years coming to know that God loved me just as I am that to focus on my sinfulness all anew was not very encouraging.  And, when I focused on what He went through I almost felt despair.

I asked a priest if it was okay if I looked ahead to Easter as I traveled through Lent.  He said, "Of course!" "We are an Easter people!"  
And, that was the beginning of my understanding and yes, enjoying Lent.

I later discovered that there is a popular quote from Pope John Paul II on that same point.

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair.  We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song."

Today, more terrorist attacks.  But, this is Holy Week.  We know who has already won the battle against evil.  And, we will not despair.  We are an Easter People.


  1. It is hard to enjoy Lent knowing what our Savior went through, but He did it for us!

  2. Great post. Yes, we are an Easter people!


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