Fun DIY Play

I posted back in December about how much my younger 3 enjoy the Nancy Drew computer games.

A couple of months ago, I saw the little girls had propped an open book to look like a laptop for their dolls to play with!  I asked them if they'd like to make a little laptop for the dolls and they thought it was great idea.

Simple enough using cardboard taped together with black paper on the back and for the "keyboard".  They used a white gel pen to create their own keyboard on the paper.

I found a Nancy Drew image online, printed it out, then tacked it to a piece of black paper with a glue stick.  I cut it out, pulled off the pattern, and added a piece of yellow construction paper for the light beam, all mounted on a white background.  Fairly easy.  If you had black ink (which we don't) I suppose you could just fussy cut the black print out and be done.  I've been printing (for 2 years now) in magenta and blue and yellow and it's all very faded until I decide what kind of printer/scanner I need to get.  I don't want to buy the expensive ink that goes with our printer when it needs to be replaced.  Long story.  Not worth telling. :)

The dolls may need to have limits put on their computer time, they've been sitting with their laptop open for weeks!


  1. Even the dolls need their technology! I laughed out loud when I read the lines about limiting their technology. What a great idea (the cardboard laptop)!

  2. This may be the beginning of all kinds of needful things for the dolls. I wish I could come and play with them, too!


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