Saturday Digest

►My granddaughter playing with a set of silhouette fairy-tale puppets the girls have from Christmas.  They used a flashlight in the closet the night before, but on Monday morning, the sun set the stage!

►I really think the Google Doodle team outdid themselves with last Wednesday's Doodle which you can view here.  I had never heard of Clara Rockmore or a Theremin.  Had you?  Intriguing.  There are more you tube videos of her and others playing the instrument too.

►There's a  new blog written by Father Mauritius Wilde, the Prior at the Saint Benedict Center just outside of our town.  This will be good. :)

►Funny story:  I was editing pictures on the computer with determination and focus on Monday while my (almost 4 y/o) granddaughter played at my feet.  In exasperation at not being able to keep my place in the editing process  (I kept scrolling by the option I wanted) I said, "It would help if I could just remember where I am!"  I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my granddaughter quit playing and was staring at me.  When I looked down at her, she said with wide eyes, very deliberately and slowly, " den."  And, so it begins.  At age 3 and 52, 'the my grandma is nuts' concern.  I'm still laughing!

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