It wasn't until I was in the middle of taking some pictures of the bittersweet vine outside of our back yard this morning that I saw the metaphor of the vine to today, election day in the US.

I'm so very grateful for our freedoms I can't put words to it.  So overwhelmingly grateful to be able to vote, to speak  and to live my beliefs.

And, today, there isn't a choice that brings any joy or hope. Bittersweet.
  So, I choose to put my hope in Christ.

As I was thinking about it all again this morning and trying to not despair.  Christ tells me not to despair.  I saw an irony I had not seen before.  The Democratic candidate believes she empowers women with the right to abortion.  But, the truth is, she enslaves them.  Legal abortion (and rampant use of contraceptives) enslaves women to the likes of the men who are like the Republican candidate.  Think about it. 

At the beginning of the Catholic Mass, there is a confession of sins.  A public confession that is meant to tie us all together.  We all come together before our Lord acknowledging we are sinners, but relying on His Mercy.  Together.  This bittersweet jumbled vine makes me think of that.  All of us with this opinion or that opinion.  For the most part, we are all sure hoping for good though.

So, for anyone who wants to stand with me today, jumbled but knowing the sinfulness we live in and are part of....
taken from the Mass:

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Happy Grid

Well, November 2nd was a great day!!

Welcome to granddaughter number 3, Edith Mercedes (to be known as Edie)!

I decided to post a grid instead of a parade of photos like last time. :)

It was night time and really hard to get good pictures without a window of sunshine.

My son's friends give him a hard time about all the birthday parties he has to go to...but now we have another double birthday.  She was born on my 17 year old daughter's birthday.  My husband and youngest daughter share a birthday too. :)

I went down to help with the other two girls for a bit.  Our 15 month old granddaughter, grabbed the baby's tiny bottle with newborn formula and just downed it!  She, herself is still taking a bottle of milk twice a day.  She has the most tender heart, so didn't dare take it from her as she was meeting this new sister for the first time.  It was really cute!

Such a special, special time to meet a new little person!!!!  Thank you, God!

Now, I'm back to my barn and garage cleaning (if you follow along on Instagram, you may know that) and tonight, a 35 year class reunion for my husband.  What?!?! 35 years?! Plus, we still need to celebrate our daughter turning 17. 

Of course, earlier this week, there was Halloween with Nancy Drew and Charlotte, the ghost of Thornton Hall. You may remember this post; my girls really love playing Nancy Drew! Two quick stops at the thrift store found us everything we needed for their costumes.

 A full, but wonderful week!!
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