This is Us or "How We Roll"

I'm sitting here this morning taking care of "computer business" and when I looked at our calendar, it struck me that 'this is us'---trying to be organized (computer generated calendar) but failing completely (spilled coffee,drawing pad for a two year old).

Then Claire and Audrey brought me "Joe" because "Look Mom, he's alive!" Joe is the ladybug they found last night in the basement and gave a wonderful new home to. There have been bugs, toads, etc. in jars in our house off and on for many years.
This is Us--and I'm happy.

Say Something Giveaways

***Rachel is still giving away necklaces!!
***Just come up with a saying, quote, etc. for this image.
***Hurry--contest ends Fri.!!

***Leah is still giving away postcards!!
***Think of some short saying, quote, etc. for the picture above.
***Hurry--contest ends tomorrow at noon!!

My Junk Lamp

Last Fri. when we went to Lincoln, I had 10 minutes at an Estate Sale--that's it--kids were impatient and waiting in the car. I found a big box of lamp parts from someone who made their own shades. I didn't even look inside it--just bought it. Well, it was packed with tools I could use and lamp parts. I went to the pile still out in our basement from the last auction I went to and found a box of "junk" and filled one of my old jars.

It was hard to photograph with the glass jar and lack of proper lighting in my basement so pardon the glare and lack of focus!

I wrapped the top of the screw on lamp with an old piece of leather and baling wire.

My new lamp shade is made from wrapping very light wire around it; then I crocheted wire around the base and the top. You read right--crocheted the wire! As I was working with it, I kept thinking how much it was like thread and that maybe I could blanket stitch with it and then thought of crocheting. I won't say it was easy. The hardent part was holding the frame of the lamp even. My husband found a tool from the box of lamp parts (that we didn't know what it was for) and with it and some clamps he fashioned me a support of sorts.

Old rusty washers finished the shade off!


I have an item from my Etsy shop in another treasury!! That red and white enamel bowl full of great red vintage goodness is from my shop! And what do you know?? Leah from Moxie Thrift has a scale in the same treasury!
A big thank-you again to Lisa for teaching me how to do a screen shot and post about such an exciting event. She even has kept the instructions as a side bar button on her blog. Whew! because I had forgotten a step. (Not a big surprise at all....)
Oh yeah, to view the treasury go here.

Curly Q's and Swirls

I bought this anvil and hammer at an auction a week ago and when I got home my son told me that it's not an anvil but a piece of a rail road track. Hhhmm...he is right but it was used for an anvil and will be used as such in my sewing room. I've had a long desire to work with metal but "life" happens and that desire has been delayed in being fulfilled. Now, I'm getting a taste of it at least.

I've been a pounding away on all kinds of things and while I was making some hooks to display items at the Wayne Art Show these began to develop.

Then today when I made a message board in a frame that had a big gap in it's ornate frame, one of my new curly-q's came in handy for an embellishment to go over the gap. I was so happy! And, I can't wait to find a use for more of my swirls and curls!

Shadow Shot Sunday

Happy Valentine Shadow Shot Sunday everyone!

For more shadows stop over at Hey Harriet!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Another Through the Viewfinder Photo. If you have blog time today check out Lesley's blog here. She's hosting a big blog Valentine's Day Party. Giveaways and fun!! There are about 40 blogs participating so go check them out, have fun, and WIN! (I like Giveaways!!-I will have one soon too!!)

What A Difference A Day Makes

My little gals were playing dress up and came outside with me yesterday while I was taking pictures.

These are Through the Viewfinder photographs. Photos shot with my camera through the viewfinder of a vintage Kodak Duaflex II camera. I just love the aged quality it gives them!! All the little flecks and debris just add character don't you think?

This is today. No school--6" of snow and still falling. The little gals did not follow me outside today!

I bought this iron bed at the auction this past Sun. It is the most beautiful bluish green (teal?) color. I set it up for pictures and inspiration. I wasn't thinking about snow then!
I'll be selling Through the Viewfinder (or TtV) photos at the Art Festival in Wayne. You can learn more about this technique for pictures here. I am seriously hooked on TtV!

On My Wish List

How's this for a teaser for Spring? What can I say? These are fabulous! Check them out here at
They are priced to ship! Just a tad out of my price range, but how fun to look.

You Are Invited!!

What: Mid Winter Arts Festival
When: Sunday, March 1, 11am-4pm
Where: Wayne Armory, Wayne Nebraska
There will be:
41 Booths From Area Artists
Kids' Art Activities
Door Prizes.
Silent Auction
Here's the crazy part--I will have a booth there!! I started shooting Through the Viewfinder Photographs and will sell some of those along with other items made from my vintage collection.
Monday was quite a day--it was my birthday first off. I'm another day older. Yeah!! Seriously, I'm happy about that! (mostly seriously) My Mom and SIL called and surprised me that they were coming to take me and the little gals out to lunch. Then I was surprised by a trip to the ER with my youngest little gal. (she's much better now) So--- lunch at home, but that led to another big surprise. Encouragement from my SIL to go to the Wayne Art Festival with a booth---and there you have it. I'm going. If you're in the area; I hope you stop in!!

Psychedelic Shadow Shot Sunday

Technically, I think these are shadows; I hope you all agree?! We went to the Children's Museum in Omaha last Sunday and this room is my favorite part. There's music playing with your shadow on the wall in front of you. The lights and movement of the shadows change with the rhythm of the music.

I really want access to this room without having to share it! But we did take our kids--- and then there are other kids at the museum of course---so I have to be nice and share.

It really feels like the beginning of a 1960s James Bond Movie.

I can't believe how good my camera did in the dark room. In the one just above, I stood in the middle with my son and you can see the light from the camera's sensor in the shadow.

Be sure to stop over at Hey Hariett for more great pictures.

Day 6: Repurpose Week

Ok, I told you yesterday that I needed help--ideas for these items. What to do with them????

First off--bed springs--these things are great. Honestly, I'd be ok just to have a few set on shelves because I like the shape and the rust.

I do have a lot of them and there's more at my Mom's. (She's laughing at me now I'm sure.

Would you believe that I have moved these long boards around in my storage room for 10 years or so?!

Do you know what they are? Quilt frames--the Lutheran Church Ladies kind of "put the quilt up in the church basement" quilt frames for tieing or hand quilting quilts. One large set and the other for a smaller crib size quilt.

They even have the inches marked off and the fabric strips intact where the quilt was basted on.
I originally bought them thinking I would put quilts up in my basement to learn to hand quilt. Even if I was to pursue that which I no longer see---I would get myself one of the newfangled quilt frames for sure. They take up about a 1/6 of the space and set up in an instant. Yes, even with my love of the old, I would go for ease and convenience. I also bought them because no one wanted them and I wanted to save the history of them. If even I wouldn't use them, very few people will. So, my question-- what can I do with them to preserve them just a bit? Build a frame? If so, what to put in it?

And lastly, zinc lids. I have a lot of these too. More than in the picture. They all have a great milk glass center.

Maybe a sculpture?
I call it "Inch Worm".
Well---I told you I needed help.

Day 5: Repurpose Week

This iron bed frame is just beautiful, but in rough shape and wouldn't work very well for a bed. Now it holds some of my linens! I have the baseboard of this beautiful bed yet waiting for a new purpose (or does someone want to buy it?)

Love the door knobs--- even without the door.

This one hold a collection (just a few) of my aprons.

I wish I could claim this, but we bought this door remade into a shelf unit at an antique store. The lighting was tough for a picture and doesn't show the beautiful patina very well.

Something needs to hang from this knob!

I made two lamps a few years back out of old spools. I bought a lamp kit--really not too hard. I collaged over the plain purchased shade.

I do love vintage pattern, images, and words.
The ads are especially fun to read through!

This is a wire bale that was on an old jar--used to snap the glass lid down. I got a few of these in a box once at an auction.

Now, they serve as hangers for a collection of tea towels I have. I wrapped muslin around each wire under the towel so I wouldn't get rust on the towels.
Tomorrow, I'm asking for help and ideas for a few things I have but just can't come up with what to do with them.
Enjoy your day!
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