Puppet Theater

This is without a doubt my biggest repurpose job to date. About 9 years ago I did this project and I don't really know why in the world I thought of doing it except that I love puppets, I had an old piano I needed to do something with, and I had some stress to work out.
I got the puppet stand from a bookstore that used to be in a neighboring town when it closed up.

I pounded, pounded, and pounded this baby apart and when it was gutted proceeded to paint it out in black laquer.

I had visions of the this space where the keys used to sit as a place when opened up would hold scenery props such as cute cardboard trees, light poles, and flowers. Wouldn't that be cute?!
So far our productions have never been that fancy but the little ones like to open and close these doors anyway.

The theater sits flat now and casters would probably be a good idea, but it really isn't that heavy now that it's empty. I also pulled out the wood here in the bottom thinking that this would be the theater for marionettes. Good idea--but--we don't have any marionettes and the one that I bought once was FOREVER tangled up so I got rid of it. The other drawback is that you would really need the theater on a stage to make it high enough to watch marionettes in the bottom.

Did I mention I love puppets? I think this rat is my all time favorite. He really has personality. Really!

Looks like quite a conversation doesn't it?
Now what to do with the keys? How to repurpose them? I have them in storage along with a few of the wood pieces. The bench is painted black and sits behind the theater for the kids to sit on when they give a show!


  1. Great idea of repurposing. If it's not much job, maybe you can build like a podium & put the piano up on that. In this way, it will be a lil high to see the level difference.

    My son love puppets too... he had so many ideas but too lazy to fullfil them.

    Have a great day!

  2. what a great repurpose! how fun. you do amaze me jill. hmmmm, the keys...my wheels are a turnin for what to do with those.

  3. That is amazing! What wonderful memories your children will have of that!!!! So cool.

    Mmmm what to do with the piano keys...not matter you will obviously think of something fabulous!

  4. What a fun project. Can I post it on my ideas page? robojunker.com


  5. This is AWESOME!!!!!
    You are the Queen of Repurposing.
    I am not worthy t be in the same room with you.

    My kids would SO love to have a puppet theatre like this one. This is WAY beyond cardboard refrigerator boxes. Might just have to look for an upright being "given away".


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