I have an item from my Etsy shop in another treasury!! That red and white enamel bowl full of great red vintage goodness is from my shop! And what do you know?? Leah from Moxie Thrift has a scale in the same treasury!
A big thank-you again to Lisa for teaching me how to do a screen shot and post about such an exciting event. She even has kept the instructions as a side bar button on her blog. Whew! because I had forgotten a step. (Not a big surprise at all....)
Oh yeah, to view the treasury go here.


  1. What a great treasury! I want it all! Oh, wait....I already have a scale just like that. Fun stuff!

  2. woohoo! Looks like my kinda treasury too!

  3. congrats on the treasury...greatness loves company. =)

  4. Congrats on the pretty treasury...I love your bowl o'red goodness!
    And thanks for the "link love"!


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