It's repurpose week here at JillRuth & Co.!!
"What's that?" you may ask. Well, this week I'm going to show you some vintage items that I have repurposed or "given new life" to.
I'll also show you some links to other great repurposed items I've found in this vast web of ideas in blog land.

First off are these two projects:

Do you remember these great old thread spools in this post? Well, now one of them serves as a hanger for this collage from old postcards, stamps, and photos.

This was (I guess still is!) a very old frame, but looks much better now than when it was fallling apart with a very stained picture inside. Now, it's a message board with embellished and dolled up vintage clothes pins on rusty bailing wire to hold messages or ACEOs (Artist Cards Editions, Originals) or vintage post cards or whatever you want!

Vintage rick rack and seam binding also serve as holders on the board. The fabric isn't old but it is reclaimed--from scraps of a friend's quilt project.

I know Leah has a post this morning about a frame that she has given new life to.

This is an ACEO I collaged from a 1950s children's school book that was falling apart.

Please contribute any ideas you have for repurposing, reclaiming, and reusing this week! We all want to learn and hear your ideas!


  1. great post! yes, that ric the stuff. using it for similar idea with my bulletin boards.

    jill...your collages are amazing. love them. will 'we' be seeing them in wayne?

  2. looks delightful. you should put your skills to use and make me something. heart.

  3. What a great idea, tks for sharing :D

  4. Hi Jill -

    I'm taking a leap and making my first blog comment! I'm addicted to "Repurpose Week" exciting!

    I have to say that if I saw a message board such as the one that you've created - I would buy it.

    Love it, love it, love it!



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