This is Us or "How We Roll"

I'm sitting here this morning taking care of "computer business" and when I looked at our calendar, it struck me that 'this is us'---trying to be organized (computer generated calendar) but failing completely (spilled coffee,drawing pad for a two year old).

Then Claire and Audrey brought me "Joe" because "Look Mom, he's alive!" Joe is the ladybug they found last night in the basement and gave a wonderful new home to. There have been bugs, toads, etc. in jars in our house off and on for many years.
This is Us--and I'm happy.


  1. i love seeing how you roll. our calendar (for just us 2!) is on the fridge and its smudged and scratched on and all sorts.

    love your lamp from a few posts back! seriously! wow!

    hope you are making some of those for the show tomorrow or down the road. =)

  2. mmm... so true.
    good luck at the show tomorrow!!

  3. Been browsing from your post back and I really like your sense of art.

    How I wish to see it for real. Hope the show will be fun and you'll get what your expecting.

    Have a fun Sunday!

  4. if that is how we roll, i must be the red pen because it is the biggest! haha


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