Tank Garden Update

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law showed up with porch parts for me!!!
I was so excited.  Perfect rustic architectural pieces that the garden needed and I didn't even know it until I had them.

 ...needs flowers!....in time....

When my inlaws added on a garage we got some of their old brick pavers that were torn out.  They've been out in the grass for a couple of years here.  I have more bricks to move in, but I think a little faux patio will look good here.

If I took a picture of the whole thing to post, it might look like I had just unloaded from a really big auction!  I have a lot of work to do yet!

It needs flowers!!

Junkle Bells in July

Welcome to July Junkle Bells!

I have some really old dominoes in one of my jars.  There are black, red, and these brown ones. I thought the brown ones went better with the color scheme my junk tree has developed so I chose to use those.  I drilled holes in both ends of the tiles.

I wired on hooks on the top....

and a variety of old keys on the bottom. That's it!  I did give them a spray coat of polyurethane before adding the wire just to give them a nice finish.

Mr. Linky is below if you'd like to link up with your own repurposed or upcycled Christmas project!

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Because I like Wire...and Old Glasses

Maybe you remember this post I did for Vintage Black Friday.  I so love those old black glasses I have.  Well a piece of wire was laying on my sewing room table from a previous project...

...and, it occurred to me that I could make my own pair of glasses that could be used as a prop or for a piece of  simple decor.

So, I made a couple of pair modeled after these.  

If tipped just right, they work as a photo holder.

Baling wire is fun!

~Reminder:  Junkle Bells is Monday July 26th~

Paula's Garden 2010

I've been out to Paula's again~my girls played in the house with her boys, she grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for us, and I...well, I walked around enjoying her garden.  Good deal, huh?!
Please note the hog panel bent and used for an arch.  My brother/SIL have done the same in their garden.  It makes a perfect trellis, although, there is a bit of work involved to bend it and get it in place!

In April, I posted here about her garden with pictures I took last year.  Now, I'm trying to include some places that I didn't before.
Don't you love the green tire rim?

This is the feed bunk that sits up against her perfectly junky garden shed.  I love that she filled it with grasses.

She has quite a few boots in her garden.  Just fun!

Lots of gears, discs, etc., here and there.  I think these look great around the tree!

Boy, do I have windows for my own garden...lots of them...still waiting for Will's thumb to heal!!  Isn't it cute how the impatiens are just peaking out?

Here on this old spool, she placed broken tiles in a mosaic around the top and bottom.  Nothing is glued, just sitting around it.  Makes it easy to change your mind then and move it.

I think this area between the trees is my favorite part.  Be sure to click on the photos to get a better look and click twice for an even closer look.

Just a rusty bird cage on a bench...but oh, so lovely.

I'm not sure if this is a feed box or a seed box, but doesn't it work perfectly as a planter?  

Thanks for coming along on another trip through Paula's garden.  And, a big thanks again to Paula for the tour and the lunch!!

We'll be walking through mine someday...The tank garden is slowly, v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y. coming along!

Maybe You Would Like One of These...

...as your desktop wallpaper!  I like to change my wallpaper out every once in awhile and thought you might too. This photo was taken while we were camping this past weekend, and yes, it's a thistle...a weed...but I thought very pretty.  It will work well if you like your icons on the right side of your desktop.  I, personally, have removed my icons altogether because I never access any of my programs through them anyway.

This one would work well for your icons on the left side of the screen. 

Don't know how to do this?  For Windows Vista:  Right click on the image then click save as...choose where you want to save it, then remember where you saved it.  Go to your computer desktop and right click anywhere...then click on personalize...then click "desktop background"...then find the photo where you saved it.  Right click the photo...and then choose "select".  Then "OK" and you should be good. 

Have a great weekend!  We'll be doing a little wedding dress shopping....!!

After a Four Year Hiatus...

...we went camping this past weekend!  
(camping lights are a must)

It was only for two nights and only an hour north of here, but so nice to camp again.

We have Jayco Kiwi, which is a hybrid camper.  It's a trailer, but the ends fold out for sleeping, kind of like a pop up, but it pops "out" instead.

I sewed this quilt  when I was (about) in 7th grade.  I can remember sitting around the dining room table at home when my great aunts taught me to use a piece of sand paper, cut as my template, to hold down the fabric as I cut out squares.  It's all from double knits and I can recognize dresses and clothes in it that I wore along with some of my sisters' and Moms' clothes too!  I tied it all in yellow yarn and it's backed with a yellow sheet.  I got a purple on it in the county fair.  Now, many years later it's a warm quilt in our camper.  And, in great shape. I'm not sure you could wear out some of those double knits!

We had a great time even though, both nights the clouds rolled in and it rained...and, it scared the little gals. 

My oldest daughter joined us for one night from Omaha....

and we saw her new ring!!!  Yes, that's right, our oldest is getting married!!!  They got engaged about a month ago and just recently got the ring.  So, we thought it might sparkle nicely against the camper lights, and it did indeed!

Also, today, she turns 21!


Maybe the Beauty Lies....

....not in the flower,

but, in it's potential.

Or, the beauty may be just the fact that these little buds look carefree and lazy in salt and pepper shaker vases.

But, today, for me, the real beauty was in the unexpected gift of this lovely shadow.  And, it made me happy.

I wish you all a blessed weekend!

My (Almost Wet) Booth

The show at Seward was a bit wet, well quite wet actually.  So, we pulled everything in tight and Pat from Liberty House gave me a rug she was going to throw out so I could pad the puddle in my booth. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  But, my daughter who was helping me, had hers in her purse, so at least I took a couple of shots.  The red items in the photo above used to sit in my hoosier.  I had quite a collection of red bakelite, but have decided it's time for change.

Making flowers to adorn books is just as much fun as making burned flower pins!

I really enjoyed meeting new vendors/friends and the shoppers who love the old things as much as I do!!  It eventually did quit raining. I must say, in the end, it turned out to be quite a nice day!!

Funny story....I promised my daughter who was helping me that she would be home in time to go out with her friends.  Well, we were running late.  My husband came down with my youngest three daughters and we quickly loaded the pick up for Bonnie to take home.  She left and I went for our suburban to finish loading.  Uhg.  Forgot about the really big, lovely, maple rocking chair in there that I never got out because of the rain.  Should have put more in the pickup...there isn't room now for the rest of the stuff, the rocker, and the kids.  I found one vendor left and asked if she wanted a rocking chair.  No. But she had a friend...and she came and looked and snagged it up at the incredibly cheap price I shot her!  Whew!  At least I didn't have to give it away.  Or leave one of my kids.

Another funny story?....We killed time from tearing down the booth (about 6ish) until 10 to watch the big fireworks show...we set up in the park to watch and then realized people were leaving after the free concert.  Why were they leaving if there was to be a fireworks show?!?!  Yes.  Found out the fireworks show had been canceled because of the rain....we could have been home...hours before.  So it goes.  Still was a good day!

4th of July in Seward

I will be at the Liberty House this Sunday for the big 4th of July event in Seward.  I'll have some great vintage items for sale as well as some upcycled pieces and through the viewfinder photographs.  There has been a lot of work prepping for this around here this week.

Glad I had some help.  
(Truly, my family has been very helpful!)  

Every time we go outside to try and play or work....bugs, mosquitos....uhg!!  That's what's on Nora's face.  You cover them with bug spray, but kind of hard to get the face safely.

If you're in the area, come on out to Seward on Sunday.  There's no shortage of activities there and you can also check out Leah's and Rachel's set ups along with mine at the Liberty House!
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