Paula's Garden 2010

I've been out to Paula's again~my girls played in the house with her boys, she grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for us, and I...well, I walked around enjoying her garden.  Good deal, huh?!
Please note the hog panel bent and used for an arch.  My brother/SIL have done the same in their garden.  It makes a perfect trellis, although, there is a bit of work involved to bend it and get it in place!

In April, I posted here about her garden with pictures I took last year.  Now, I'm trying to include some places that I didn't before.
Don't you love the green tire rim?

This is the feed bunk that sits up against her perfectly junky garden shed.  I love that she filled it with grasses.

She has quite a few boots in her garden.  Just fun!

Lots of gears, discs, etc., here and there.  I think these look great around the tree!

Boy, do I have windows for my own garden...lots of them...still waiting for Will's thumb to heal!!  Isn't it cute how the impatiens are just peaking out?

Here on this old spool, she placed broken tiles in a mosaic around the top and bottom.  Nothing is glued, just sitting around it.  Makes it easy to change your mind then and move it.

I think this area between the trees is my favorite part.  Be sure to click on the photos to get a better look and click twice for an even closer look.

Just a rusty bird cage on a bench...but oh, so lovely.

I'm not sure if this is a feed box or a seed box, but doesn't it work perfectly as a planter?  

Thanks for coming along on another trip through Paula's garden.  And, a big thanks again to Paula for the tour and the lunch!!

We'll be walking through mine someday...The tank garden is slowly, v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y. coming along!


  1. Jill, These photos are so fun to see...even more so when you enlarge them! You did a great job capturing in photos the whimsical beauty of these gardens Thank your friend, Paula for sharing her gardens! So glad to hear that your "large container" gardens are still in the works as well. Xo, Sue

  2. What a gorgeous place and your photos really captured the beauty of the gardens. I really enjoyed the tour. My favorite too was the area between the much to see!

  3. Just a perfect garden...Thanks for taking us along with you! Thanks Paula, too. Lezlee

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! Your friend has a great eye for just the right piece of 'junk' in just the right place! Do you think that she puts it all away for the winter or just leaves it out?

  5. Oh my, what a wonderful set of photos! love the one between the trees so much! Margaret

  6. Ooo, I love it all! What a cool garden and what fun junk pieces. No wonder you wanted to stroll through it.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been enjoying my look around yours. Love your basement sewing room, I never did get to all those creative spaces. I love mannequins but yes I do find them a little creepy. My dress form is in my daughters BR. I couldn't sleep with it in my room, lol.

  8. i love those last two photos. you can not beat an old rusty bird cage! and the planter? perfect!!

  9. Oh I just love Paula's garden. Thank you for the tour Jill.

  10. She has such a gorgeous garden, love her creativity. the boots remind me of my grandmother. She had an old pair of shoes with "hens and chickens". I will always think of her when I see those little plants. Thanks for the great photos.

  11. These images are just stunning. Magazine worthy. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  12. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................. you would not get me out of Paula's garden. Seriously. LOLOL

    GORGEOUS photos as always!!! I'm going to look again!!!

    ;-) robelyn

    p.s. I'll trade you the candle stands for... well... anything that will hold purses and hats. LOLOL I think they would look WAY cool for your junk Christmas tree!!!

  13. Absolutely adore your and Paula's style Jill!


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