Finding Photos

Today, is  gloomy and I have a real 'taking ibuprofen/acetaminophen/carrying around a box of tissues/using a hot pack' kind of cold.  So I'm catching up a bit on photo organizing on the computer.

I don't remember the occasion, but I do remember telling the girls that since they were dressed up, lets do a photo shoot in the newly cleared path in our trees.




Since this day, braces have come off...woohoo!  That's always a grand day!  Five kids down, one to go. :) 

They are always so willing to have their pictures taken and I'm so happy for that.

This cold that I have along with the gloomy cold weather we are still having makes planting the garden still seem so far away.  I've been repotting and taking some more cuttings of plants I wintered over so I'll have a few "free" plants to put out.  Very excited about that.  I managed to save a few varieties of coleus, two begonias,  two varieties of Wandering Jews along with quite a few succulents.

I hope it warmer where you are...have a great Tuesday!

It Was Just a Used Notebook

It was just a used notebook, but it was poignant in it's message.

I took these photos five years ago.  Today, I discovered them again on my computer. 

When I discovered them in a file on my computer, I instantly remembered taking them and how much I was moved by this empty notebook.

It was from the drawer of drawing and old school supplies for the kids.

This used up empty notebook was just so full.

Full of all that was accomplished.  Full of showing potential realized.

Full of a reminder to me to use up all I'm given for God's glory. 

This notebook represents the practice of life.  The negative space speaks so much more volume than if you could see everything that had been written on the torn away pages.

So much beauty of life is in the doing and the using.  

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