Our Granddaughter's First GIF!!

Okay, I know the movement on the blog might be a bit much, but I just learned to make a GIF from Xanthe Berkely here and had to share!

For those of you who are new to GIFs...it stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is pronounce "Jif".  It really is.  I argued with my 21 year old daughter because I was sure the "G" was the "G" in ground.
Overwhelmingly found on the internet---it is indeed pronounce "Jif"  
Just in case you wondered.

Basically, a Gif is a small animation.  It's similar to stop motion video but it continues constantly because the movement is embedded.  You don't play/stop it like you would a video.  Because of that, it is limited in it's colors, so I read somewhere.
Just in case you wondered.

I think I'm going to sign up for her Time Capsules class and I've already joined her 12-12-12 project.  I am in awe with what she does with photos and videos!

Maybe you would like to join too?!

Texture Tuesday

And, it was blueberry. :)

The photo was textured with at least three layers of Kim's textures. I flattened it an ran actions too, so now don't remember which ones....

I also used an argyle brush from Pugly Pixel.

I did a lot of online shopping yesterday so the mailbox will be fun to watch! 
Happy day to all of you!

Mosaic Monday: A Full Few Days

As I'm sure it has been for most of you, this past week has been a time of family, Christmas prep., and counting blessings.

We've been:
Working on home repairs.
And, there has a bit too much feasting. :)
But, "tis the season, right?

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Wordless Friday :)

Well This is Newsworthy

 We bring a lot of boxes,

and newspapers,

and other papers including school papers to the recycling center. 
I've been thinking that it would be fun to see if I could make Christmas decorations  from what goes through our kitchen and pantry. I tried to make a big tree out of newspaper today.  Hmmm.  Didn't work.  But, I haven't given up.

But, also today I started Alisa Burke's online class, Create Daily Holiday Edition
and her inspiration led me back to my recyclables.

Now, I have a newspaper wreath!

I used a lid to one of my big bowls to trace a pattern on a piece of paperboard from a pop box and a smaller lid to trace a circle in the center to cut out.

Then with a hot glue gun, I collaged pieces of the classifieds onto the wreath base.  Continuing with strips of newspaper and the glue gun I fashioned the paper flowers.

I folded more pieces of the newspaper to form a bow, again using the hot glue gun.

I've been wanting to make something out of newspapers for so long.  I think it was in a store display that I first saw a newspaper dress and thought it was so cool.  

Yeah, sorry about the corny blog title...I couldn't help myself.

One For the Scrapbook

A few weeks ago we were trying to quickly take a casual family picture.  Well, "quickly" and "family picture" actually don't go well together.  Thank goodness we were good with casual!  

I was using my new remote hence my hand pointing at the camera.  I thought I'd be able to disguise it, but nope, that thing needed full exposure to the camera to work.  (Of course it did, I don't know what I was thinking!)
I just kept snapping pictures as we were trying to get a restless baby happy and her tights situated.

None of the real pictures turned out too great, but this may be my favorite anyway!

Just how many adults does it take to put a baby's tights on straight?!
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