One For the Scrapbook

A few weeks ago we were trying to quickly take a casual family picture.  Well, "quickly" and "family picture" actually don't go well together.  Thank goodness we were good with casual!  

I was using my new remote hence my hand pointing at the camera.  I thought I'd be able to disguise it, but nope, that thing needed full exposure to the camera to work.  (Of course it did, I don't know what I was thinking!)
I just kept snapping pictures as we were trying to get a restless baby happy and her tights situated.

None of the real pictures turned out too great, but this may be my favorite anyway!

Just how many adults does it take to put a baby's tights on straight?!


  1. That photo is so funny! My favorite shots are the 'when the group is almost ready' ones!

  2. I LoVe this!
    Especailly your masking tape presentation!
    I didn't notice your "remote" hand until you mentioned it. You look quite casual, like you aways stand around with a key fob in your hand. For all I know, you could have been unlocking your van! ha!

  3. These are the BEST pictures! Very cute! takes several adults to get my grandson's cap on straight!

  4. Precious and priceless
    thanks for the giggles too Jill


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