Texture Tuesday

It's been awhile since I've linked up with Kim Klassen and it was fun to texture a photograph again.  My son went for a walk last night and brought me back this wild sunflower.

The challenge this Tuesday was "free and easy" so the only requirement was to use one of Kim's textures.  I used "Sepiascratched" in three different layers.  The font is Mountain Retreat.  (It was free when I got it, sorry.)
Check out the Cafe for more Texture Tuesday entries. 

Tank Garden Update

It's been awhile since I've posted from the Tank Garden.  Mostly, because it was sooooooo dasterdly hot this summer and DRY.  I also had some issues with the new planters I put in.  I haphazardly mixed the soil of manure and sand and apparently did not add enough sand.  Did you know you can actually kill geraniums and petunias if the soil is too rich???  Not to mention heliotrope, miniature roses, dusty millers, and a few others I foget.  Yep, all yellowed, curled up and dropped.
I had not the time, money, or energy this hot summer to fix the problem so those planters are thin, but hey I had some wonderful volunteer plants and plants in the first tanks that did great, so I am happy.

Lots of pictures:

Lots of cockscomb.  All the Purple cone flowers grew and died right away this year.  Why??

I'll be drying a lot of the cockscomb so I'm on the look out for a great vintage container for it!

It reminds me of my Grandma who hung hers to dry in the basement and caught the seeds, but I don't think she kept the dried flowers, just the seeds.

I'm kind of glad the vines didn't go up on the tractor seat as I planned or I wouldn't be able to see it still!

Another cockscomb volunteering under the little chair.

Remember this wreath tutorial?  The melampodium died in the heat, but the other plants took over.

You can see one of my favorites, the Hyacinth Bean Vine on the right.

This is growing in pure sand and loved the heat and dry weather.  (Mexican Sunflower, maybe??)

That is an iron candle holder I picked up a couple of years ago at a garage sale.  It's not old, but looks old and is heavy and wonderful.  It's sitting on a floor grate (another garage sale buy) with insulators on top.

The one miniature rose that lived!!  And, how I love the white flowers in the chippy white and rusty bucket!
Wonder what I did right with that soil?

I had to be careful to not catch our WEEDY vegetable garden in the background of the pictures!  As soon as the tomatoes are done, we'll mow it flat and be relieved!

~Have a great weekend.~

Wordless Wednesday

Thrift Share Monday

I had the chance to stop at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd show you what I picked up.  I'm a big hanger fan.  And, this reminds me that I need to post about a couple other 4-H projects involving hangers.

I have a collection of these church pew advertising fans.  These aren't in great condition but it doesn't matter to me.  It means they didn't cost much. The small book is full of photos from a tornado in Omaha (near us) in 1913.  Cool, huh?

Logs of birch, really cool!!

This wash basin is a bit dirty, but it will wash up just fine.  I've not had a pink enamel pan before.  It will be heading to my booth unless someone emails me and wants to talk details.

Should it stay or should it go?  That's what's playing in my mind.  This is a perfect shelf for a small collection. 
(after painting it, ha!)

This is a really heavy milk glass vase and I didn't even chip it when I set it on the concrete to take a picture.  What was I thinking? I'm kinda clumsy.

Plant markers!!  I really love these.  Not sure how it works to write on them---whether it will come off or not.  I'll know soon.  I feel like these should almost be used in art pieces instead.

I hope your week is off to a good start!

What's Going On Here: Short and Sweet

Kids went back to school. 
Both :) and :(
First time in umpteen years I'll be in the house alone.

Baby baths in kitchen sink. :)

Cute baby feet. :)

Short photo session of our little grand daughter. :)

Then my back decided to speak up after years of ignoring it. :(

And, it rained. :)

The smiley faces win!

Wordless Wednesday


Mosaic Monday

~inverted vintage cups with a saucer secured with fun tac on top~

~then place a candle in a vintage glass furniture caster cup~

~add a couple of rolled fabric roses and you have a pretty little vignette~

I'm linking up with Mary for Mosaic Monday.

So Bright and Cheery!

I came across this Family Chic blog the other day and saw some fun ideas but this is the one that stuck.

Camilla used a votive cup and a 12" balloon.  I wanted more than one and didn't have many votive cups the same size,

so, I used half pint jars.  Since I haven't made jelly in a few years, I have quite a few empty half pint jars.

I had to stretch pretty hard to get the balloon around and a couple of them did break since it's on a bigger vessel than a votive cup. I actually like seeing the embossed look of the lettering on the jar through the balloon.

I absolutely love these!  You could coordinate colors with a color scheme for a party. Match or contrast the color of the balloon with your flower.  

This simple project makes a simple flower so special.  
~Take one to a friend~
~Put one on your bedside table~
~Put one in your child's room~
~Line six up on your kitchen counter~

The simple "how to" is here
Thank you Camilla!  (I love her name)
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