Bells of Ireland

My new favorite flower (because it volunteered back this year abundantly!) is the Bells of Ireland.

Here, just a couple of blooms, a couple of Daisies, and a sprig of Honeysuckle vine make a very pretty posy...

 ...sitting next to an engagement photo of our daughter who was married last year.

And they sit on a table holding an incredible stack of magazines that I received in a giveaway from Z just waiting for me to continue to peruse them.  Oh, I've looked some for sure, but they will be savored and enjoyed for months. Sitting on top of the magazines is the Made for Play book by Joel.  It waits too.  But, that's okay.  Projects will be made or ideas spurred by all that great inspiration in time.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like those simple flowers gracing the side table. I bet they make you smile.

  2. anything that comes back (that isn't a weed) is pretty special .... I love the lime green of it - so pretty in your craftsman style sitting room - simple and elegant :)

  3. There is something about chartreuse colored lucky to have Bells of Ireland running rampant in your garden...they are beautiful and compliment your lovely home too!

  4. I love bells of Ireland! I grew them decades ago (and not since) but never thought of them as a flower, but as greenery. They were part of my cutting garden-- I never lacked posies to give as a gift and the bells filled out my arrangements nicely. Thanks for the memory. They are hardy, but mine never came back as a volunteer. Lucky you!


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