Junkstock Part 2

Simply Bungalow from Lincoln was set up at Junkstock and just like their brick and mortar shop, their booth was full of goodness.

Leather cuffs from upcycled belts...pretty popular now. Simply Bungalow

I wonder how many people stop to look at the individual pieces of fabric in a scrap quilt....I do!  They are little pieces of art within art within art.  The fabric itself, the block, then the quilt. Simply Bungalow

How great does this Arctic cooler look on a day like today?!  Can you imagine it all full of an ice cold drink and the condensation forming on the outside?  Lemonade for me, thank you. Simply Bungalow

Are old books appreciated enough?  Gosh, I think they are gorgeous decorator pieces. Simply Bungalow

This is Heidi from Simply Bungalow in her "oh please no pictures of me...I'll pretend you aren't here" pose.  In fact, I'm pretty sure those were her exact words.  Isn't this a fun picture?

I don't know who had this couch in their booth, but oh my.  I wish it would have been available for a photo prop too.  Of course, I'm sure they wouldn't have minded, but too many people around!  In an alternate reality, this couch would be in my vintage shop and art gallery with lots and lots of stacks of old books.

Celadon Goods, from what I gather, is new to this world of repurposing and facebook and apparently her booth was just about picked clean.  Awesome sign!!

Celedon Goods

Celadon Goods

We really were at Junstock for such a short period of time. I was focused on taking it all in with just a few pictures and helping with the baby, that I now realize I have no idea how much this little toy station wagon was and why did I not buy it?!
Celedon Goods

This great jewelry display was in Robins Nest's booth.  She had some incredibly painted furniture pieces, but I didn't get any pictures of them.  Her facebook page has more pictures.

There was music playing the while we were there....Bob Dylan songs included....great atmosphere!

From Venice Antiques: A cherub statue sans the heads....would look soooo neat in my tank garden
Not this trip though.

Somehow I missed Laurie from the Whistlestop. :(  She was set up too and posted on her blog about it here.

With over 20some vendors there was obviously a lot more than the snippets I've shown here.  

Thanks for coming along for our short visit!  These are our coffee drink treats for the drive home...hot for me, cold for my daughter...mmmmmm...I bet she rolled her eyes at us when we left. :)


  1. Thanks for the mention Jill! ... and the pictures always fun to see! Love you're photography!

  2. Looks like it was a LOT of fun!

  3. Wow...don't know if I could have just taken photos and helped with the little one!! Too much wonderfulness!! Oh and I do look at the individual squares/designs of a vintage quilts, too! Just love them! Such works of art!
    Hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend! We are having a birthday bash for one of our grandies on Sunday!! Too much fun!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing our booth and my sweaty loveliness. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures--next best thing to being there!

  6. Love your new header! How's your sweet baby? We went to Junk Stock on Sunday. It was so hot! You got some great pictures!

  7. I love your alternate universe with the old couch, art and lots of books in your shop...can I come visit?

  8. Hello!! This is Julia and I make te jewelry that was selling at robins nest! Thanks for posting up pictures!! And I now have a fb page it's called little owl designs, hope you can check it out! Also the picture that has The cool lamp and vanity, that is also robins nest not celadon goods, and also that little car was at robins nest too... Just thought I would let ya know! But robins nest and celadon goods are both on Facebook! Thanks!


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