Wreath Planter

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a temporary plant shop set up in a near by town. I was just thrilled to find it as everything was so pretty and I saw some plants that I haven't seen this year. At the suggestion of the wonderful gardener manning the shop, I created this grapevine wreath. 

 I hope the slide show works for you to explain the steps. I was in a hurry so didn't take the time to set up the best pictures. I hope you can still see and understand how it went together.  If you click on the slide show, it will take you to Picasa and you can view the pictures larger.

 For anyone local, the shop was Siffring Landscaping in the Getzschman parking lot on East 23rd St. in Fremont.  They have everything 50% off now this week at that location.


  1. thanks for the picasa link, it made it much easier to follow. That is huge, so i imagine it is a bit heavy. you found a perfect home for it, and i will be looking forward to the update when the flowers are in full bloom. thanks for sharing : )

  2. that is a great project! There's a lady down the street who did something similar to that on her mailbox - but I like this MUCH better!

  3. Wonderful wreath planter Jill!
    Thank you for sharing how you made it too

  4. I love this wreath! Such a great idea and it looks great on your door!


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