A Brief Hello

I used to get together with my sisters, sister in law, and Mom for a "baking day", but the numbers are growing and life is changing as so it was just me and my girls this year. (My five girls and two granddaughters.  My son stayed at college to study for finals.)  We got quite a bit accomplished...

especially if you consider pinching and kissing cheeks something to be accomplished!  Oh my. 

I committed myself to make decisions the other night for all the meal planning that needs to be done and sat down at the computer to look for ideas and recipes. Big mistake. Too many choices.  Too much time to make most of them. And, way too much time spent clicking and looking! Today, I'm going back to my cook books with no pictures and no links!!

Some around here seem to think we're all "ready for Christmas" as the common phrase goes.  Oh gosh, they have so much fun playing the Nancy Drew computer games together!

On with the countdown!

Hand-Painted Ornaments

I saw some people posting pictures of hand-painted ornaments on Instagram and I was so eager to try it.  Especially, because I had clear ornaments on hand that I had purchased quite a few years ago to alter in some way.  

It was time to use those ornaments!  

I gave them all one to two coats of white paint first.

I just used craft paint that I had on hand.  

I chose colors that matched some favorite vintage fabrics I had so I could make a "paper" chain from the fabrics for the tree.  I kept to four colors so all the ornaments would coordinate. After they were dry I gave them a coat of satin finishing spray.

I have to say that enjoyed painting these as much as I enjoyed making my junk ornaments for my "Junk Tree".

I watched this YouTube video before making the fabric chain.  What I took away from her instructions was that you could use two layers of the heat and bond.  I probably would have used just one layer on my own.  I'm assuming that the two layers will give it strength and durability. 

I made my strips 1/2" x 6" and used a drop of glue from a low temperature glue gun to hold the loops closed.  I didn't want a thick and chunky chain, but a more delicate one for my branch tree I was going to use.

I thought these ornaments would look best on a white tree.  Since a new white tree wasn't in the Christmas budget, I cut two branches (from sumac bushes) and spray painted them a light coat of white.  I brushed on a little more white paint after I stuck them in foam in my galvanized pail.

It really worked well.  I'm planning on using these same branches for another Valentine's tree for Valentine's Day now after Christmas.  

A picture from above.

I had two more... I tend to be clumsy....I stepped back into the sewing room to shut off a light and turned too quickly with all the ornaments mounted in a box drying and they spilled out.  After I pouted, I realized that I needed to be grateful because six had fallen out, but only two broke.

As we were pulling out decorations this year, I discovered that I have more clear ornaments!  I should probably paint some more in the same color palette so I have back ups, ha!

"Deck" the Halls!

I've been wanting to use some of my large stash of old decks of playing cards for a project. When I decided to do a form of lacing cards with them with my 4h club, I asked my kids to help me come up with a pun.

A couple of seconds later, my son came up with "deck the halls" and I loved it!

So, paint and decks of cards and yarn... (that package is cut from another Christmas designed deck of cards)

The 4h kids did most of the painting, then I punched all the cards for them to stitch.  (The santa hat and candy cane are cut from another card and glued on)

   I try to have our projects include practicing some skill instead of just cutting and pasting.  Much is too hard for many of the kids, but then their parents help them.  It's a challenge to pick projects that challenge the older kids in the club, but still allow the younger ones to be part of it.

We then punched 2 1/2" circles from the cards and spiral cut them adding a sparkly pom pom on top.

To make little "trees" or "spiral thingies" ha!

One Mom brought her die cut machine and we cut letters.

Which reminded me that our Public Library has a die cut machine...so I went down later and cut more letters!

We even strung together the cards that were punched out.

Of course we needed an angel.

One quick shot of it up.

My youngest and myself by the tree. (More members were there to decorate, but I didn't think to ask for parental permission.) Our community has a parade of trees and our club has participated for a lot of years.  The tree is only up for one day, but I think it's worth the effort for the kids to make and learn something!

And, I have more letters punched out of cards for use here at home. :)

I would love to do some mixed media collage work on playing cards for a tree here at home...maybe next year?!

I'm linking this post up with Linda at Coastal Charm's Show and Share post.

Advent:Joy in The Stirring

Like many of you we began decorating for Christmas this past weekend.  The carols were playing on Pandora and it was festive. :) The rest of the story includes a little...ahem...discussion about what decorations get put up this year and where...kids with opinions, sheesh!

Of course we needed a hot chocolate break!

One of the Christmas mugs that I've had for 25 plus years!

The stirring in of the marshmallows. :)

Although I enjoy the finished product of a craft, a project, a decorated house...for me, I'm always drawn to the process.  And, that includes the stirring.  Isn't that just a lovely shot?  Nora stirring...spilling...the steam from the hot water... probably why I never have everything done or everything clean. 

And, no the decorations aren't finished.

And, many won't go out just to keep life moving along and not getting hung up on getting it all done.

If you follow along on Instagram, you know I've made a few new decorations.  So of course time spent "making" means time not spent with other things like cleaning! I will hopefully share some pictures this next week and also of our 4h tree project this year.

My prayer this past week led to a meditation of  "Who are you decorating for?"
It was a beautiful and fruitful meditation and the question comes back when needed and my perspective is restored.  Praise God. 

Maybe that same question will help you through this Advent? Or maybe for you, "Who are you baking for?" "Who are you buying for?" Fill in the blank for however you prepare for Christmas. 

 And, I hope you find joy in the stirring!
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