Make It Merry

I'm blog hopping for 14 days with Diane and the Make it Merry Gang...14 days of DIY Christmas decor!

My assignment:  Christmas Trees.

I've been wanting to make a tree out of scrap wood for a few years now, so this just gave me the nudge I needed. 

Should you like to make one...I'll show you how I made mine.  First you need to create a center post stand.  I used a 2x4 and four 1x6 pieces for the base.  The measurements are whatever you want or have on hand. :)

This is what the base looks like.  I suppose there is a name for such a configuration. A stand like this could be used for so many things besides a tree.  A coat rack and sign post come to mind now.

After screwing in the first two boards, you just rotate the stand and add the third, then fourth.  I pre drilled all the holes.

Next, I laid out the scrap pieces of wood I picked out for the tree.  A couple of them I did cut just a little, but mostly I just played around with what I had.  Some are drawer front pieces, one is part of a coat rack, one a cupboard piece, some from tables and so on.  Just keep rearranging until you like what you have. I then scrubbed them all clean with hot soapy water.

  When dry, I screwed each of the pieces in place from the back on the post. (pre drill)  After a few of them, it got awkward and I had to have my husband help me hold them and drill them in.  If my work table would have been cleared off I think I could have managed on my own but it wasn't. :)  It was fun to have him help me anyway.

All done!  I experimented with adding some vintage ornaments and my sparkle light bulbs, but decided I like it just as is with a couple of birds.  It won't be staying in this spot, but I needed to take pictures where I had some natural light.

That teal wainscoting is my favorite scrap wood.  I've used some of it here before.

I left the hardware just "as is" on the pieces. I enjoy the randomness.

Of course, every tree needs a topper.

Mine is baling wire around an old metal embroidery hoop.  Those embroidery hoops come in handy!
I nailed it into a block of wood on the post.

If you would like to see another scrappy DIY tree, click here to see my posts for last year's Junkle Bells tree.

Here's the big list again for the Make it Merry blog hop.  You can click on each one and follow along.

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Spoonflower Sale!

Last year at this time, Spoonflower had a buy one, get one free of their fat quarters and I jumped on it.  This year they are doing the same thing this week and I wanted to let you in on it!

I bought some tea towel calendars for gifts and my favorites from last year have been updated for 2012!

This birdie one is so cute!

After I took the picture I cut off the excess dowel rod and fixed the ribbon. :) I was in a hurry for some reason to take the picture.  

The 2012 calender can be purchased here.

The design comes on a fat quarter and then you have to hem it yourself.  It wasn't hard. On one of them, I did have to cut off the extra from the bottom and add it to the top to have enough fabric to make a pocket to place the dowel rod.  I added upholstery tacks to the end of the dowel and tied the ribbon to them.  You could just hem it all the way around and use pins to hang it on your wall or frame one if you're really ambitious. Hmm, I guess you could use one as a towel too. :)

I didn't take a picture of the one I gave my oldest daughter, but you can view it here on flickr.  After hemming it and adding the rod pocket I embroidered a circle around her and her husband's wedding date.  Get it?!  It's a bicycle built for two!!

Do you know anyone getting married this year?  It's a great gift!

The designer (beck&lundy) has updated the calendar and you can purchase it here (choice of two different colors).

For you tea drinkers:  this one!

Spoonflower recommends the linen cotton canvas for the tea towels and that is what I bought.   At BOGO, that's only $7 a piece.

hochet poupée russe

With a fat quarter of this fabric, you can make 3 doll rattles.  Cute!  (I bought it last year and now this year I'm going to have a grand baby.....)

2012 Wildflowers Calendar - Fresh Picked Colorway

Another favorite of mine...what about a tote bag out of it?

I've blogged about Spoonflower before...wouldn't it be great to design your own fabric?!...on my to do list!

Link for all tea towels.

Remember the sale is for all fat quarters, not just tea towels.

I'd love to know if you decide to order any and how you used it!

A Little Sparkly

Another great idea from craftzine blog via pinterest.  Have you sparkled any of your old light bulbs yet?  We haven't made the transition to LED Christmas lights yet so I have quite a few old bulbs. My daughter and I glitzed these up in short order.  I'll show you our garlands after they dry. So pretty aren't they?

Make it Merry began yesterday!

I'm still working on my project ;)
Each of the blogs listed above is a live link so you can easily check out the Merry Projects and blogs!

Nifty Thrifty Things home sweet homemade Project Possessed Blue Velvet Chair homework Meridian Road Modern Country Style Truly Lovely Jill Ruth & Co. Rustique Art hello lovely inc. Decor to Adore Inspire Me Heather Ladybird Ln Image Map

Homemade Kettle Corn

You may love me or hate me after this post. :)

I was looking for snack recipes and saw one here for kettle corn.  What?!  Why have I not ever thought to look for these directions before?!  

Here are the ingredients.  When I make popcorn on the stove I never measure.  But, for this I did and really think it was a good idea.

1/4 C. oil (highly recommend the buttery flavor popcorn oil)
1/4 C sugar
1/2 C popcorn
Scant 1/4 tsp. popcorn salt

So, my popcorn pan has seen some use. :)  I think it's a 2 quart size, but a bigger one would be a good idea.

Add the oil to the pan and when hot (when three test kernels have popped) add the sugar and popcorn.  Stir it quickly and replace the lid.

The original recipe said let the pan sit 3 seconds, shake 3 seconds.  I did this and it didn't burn.  However, if you make a second batch, wash out or at least wipe out the pan in between so you don't have any stray pieces or sugar burn while the new oil is heating.

I added the salt after I put the popcorn in the bowl and tossed it to break up the sticky pieces, but I think you could add the salt to the oil too.


Just in case you don't get enough to eat tomorrow you can whip up a batch of this!

May you have blessed Thanksgiving!

Texture Tuesday :: Tea on Tuesday

Kim's challenge today at the Cafe for Texture Tuesday, was...nothing!  Free and easy edition she calls it.  I chose her "fall in" texture on overlay blend mode for my Tea photo.

I'm also linking up with Kimmy for Tea on Tuesday...and there is actually tea in my mug!  I tried Tazo's Awake black tea.  It was pretty good (with a little sugar!)

Ah.  My mug.  Barnes and Noble is probably my favorite place to shop for Christmas. Sadly, my mug has a little chip.  You can see it on the bottom left.  So it goes.  
My daughter is currently working as a barista there. :)  Tonight she comes home for Thanksgiving break and is bringing some new tea for us to try.  I'm looking forward to her company and the tea.

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Basic Building Blocks for the Imagination

This bushel basket of blocks sits in my sewing room most of the time for the girls to play with while I'm down there.  The other day, it was dragged upstairs.

By far, one the best toys we have.  The pile of blocks started as a box of 2x4 blocks I bought at a garage sale to use in projects.  I've used a bunch (see here), cut a lot more blocks, bought more at sales so the basket content changes, but always just plain old blocks.

Last Christmas Santa put a little family of wood people in each of the younger girls' stockings.  Santa bought them from goosegreaseundone on Etsy.  You can see their selection of wood people here. They even have their own little bag to be carried around in. Of course the bags and the little pets that came with the families are MIA.  But, I'm cleaning this week!  Maybe they'll turn up!  I always planned to give them scraps of fabric to tie or glue on for clothes.  Maybe it will still happen, but they love them plain.  

Little wood beds are perfect for wood people.  Just peering into the little world they create gets my imagination going too!

Happy Wednesday! 

Texture Tuesday::Tea on Tuesday

Good morning!  Today I get to link up with Kim at Art in Red Wagons for Tea on Tuesday...once again I'm opting for coffee instead of tea and I took this picture a couple of weeks ago while we were out on the porch.  I shot some fun shadow pictures the same day because the sun was getting low in the west and it was warm and happy.  

I discovered through a friend that my phone has voice command texting.  I do love technology even if I'm a little on the behind side.  I went searching then on my phone and also found voice command internet search and voice command dialing!  I wonder what else it can do?!  Make dinner?!?!  Unfortunately it took a chocolate milk bath a few weeks ago and I'm afraid it will need to be replaced soon.

 I went to the summer archives for this last photo.  When my little girl brought me the little posie and said, "Here Mamma, these are for you" it included a request, "Put them in your pocket." I happened to have my camera with me. :)  I'm still wondering why she wanted me to put them in my pocket.  Maybe because that's where I keep the rocks we pick up when we're out.

I'm also linking up with Kim at the Cafe for Texture Tuesday.  The challenge this week was to use her texture titled "phoebe".  All three photos were edited with "phoebe" on soft light or overlay blending modes. 

I'm gearing up this week for the Holidays as I'm sure all of you are too.  I pray your planning and "doing" is joyful!

Saturday Digest

Even though Sew Mama Sew is well into their November Handmade Holidays, it's not too late to check it out. There are lots of projects and giveaways too!  Each day through November they are posting!  Want to catch up on the past four years?  Click here.

I will be participating in this "Sounds Like A Lot of Fun" Blog Collaboration.  My post is scheduled for Nov. 29th.  Sheesh, it's already Nov. 12th!

I found this pretty little gem on Pinterest.  And, I'm just nuts over it!  It's really not my style at all.  Curvy legs and more glitz than me but...I want to make one too!  Where would I put it? Courtney from the blog My Little Glass Box shows in this post how she transformed this Craig's List buy of hers.  I guess what really strikes me is the little chandelier she added and the background papers.  The piece and all of her displays just pop.  If I had my own brick and mortar shop, boy, would I be on this!

Inkodye Tissue Cover

Well, I showed you the first batch of tissue covers here.  And, I've made some more, but just haven't taken pictures except of this one I made back when I was experimenting with Inkodye.

Please see this post to see what inkodye is all about.  

I used my set of alphabet and number rubber stamps to apply the inkodye before I set it out in the sun.  I was a little heavy with too much dye on some of the letters as you can see.  But, this was an experiment, so now I know.

Apropos, I used a vintage men's handkerchief for this tissue cover. 

I could see a tote bag made with random letters and number stamped all over it or maybe use the dye I have left to stamp the word "tissues" across the back or front of a tissue cover.
What about curtains for a child's room with their name or nursery rhymes stamped with dye on them?
I think any simple shaped stamp could work to apply the dye..lots of possibilities...

This deer came visiting our back yard this morning!  We haven't seen any for weeks.

And, she brought a friend.  :)

Happy Friday to you!

More of a Good Thing

Are two wreaths too many?  I know I just posted about these sweater flowers, but I made so many flowers I decided to make two wreaths. (And, there are still more in my sewing room.) For this one I pieced together 3" wide strips of burlap to make a big "ribbon" to use for hanging.

If you make yourself some burlap ribbon, be sure to straight stitch all the edges because it will want to ravel.  I just put five short pieces together to make about 100" of ribbon and you don't even notice the seams. I'm still using up table runners! :)

I hope you're having a great week and thanks for stopping by!

Sweater Flower Wreath

So, maybe you made some Warm 'N Toasty Pumpkins and now you have sweater pieces left...

I found a tutorial at Whipperberry to make flowers out of those left over pieces! (Via pinterest!)

A burlap rose goes perfectly with the sweater flowers.

Vintage buttons for the flower centers are attached with hot glue or thread.

I used hot glue to attach the flowers to a grapevine wreath that I picked up at a garage sale.  The wreath just needed the old embellishments removed and it was ready for new life!

I'm linking up this week with Kindra.

We may be getting some snow here today so a sweater wreath is perfect for the weather!

Texture Tuesday::Tea on Tuesday

A few weekends ago we had a brief trip to a state park and while I was outside our cabin by the fire pit (without a fire), I was half heartily snapping some pictures.  My almost 12 year old said, "See if you can make it look like I'm drinking out of your cup".  So with my cup balanced on my knee, her a few feet away in front of her chair, we played a bit.

Tomorrow my "almost 12 year old", will be 12!

Today I'm joining Kim again for Tea, it's been a long time!  and Kim, at The Cafe for Texture Tuesday where the challenge was to use her texture called "and then some".  

Happy Tuesday and All Saints Day!
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