Chalk Blocks on the Mantle

Look!  There was sun streaming in the window the day I took this photo.  It's so dreary here today.   This mantle has been home to ceramic Old World Santas for every year at Christmas since we moved in.  Finally, changed it up this year!  (Some of the santas can be seen in the top high shelves on the left.)
Click on the photos for a better look.  We have a ceramic dickens village nestled in the shelves on the right.  Even though painted ceramics are waaaayyy out of vogue...I still love all the pieces we painted back in the eighties/early nineties! The little nativity on the sofa table is for the little gals to play with.  What better way to learn the story?

The white deer and tree were purchased quite a few years ago.  Then last year I made a bunch of wood chalk blocks.  They are fun to add anywhere for any season. 

I made the roses from scraps of vintage linens and burlap.  My 19 y/o daughter drew the pictures and letters for me and the blocks are scattered around the house.  I love the chalk blocks!  They are so versatile.  We stacked, stacked, and restacked them trying to make the shape of a tree, but because I cut them all slightly different sizes (by design)  each tree tower wanted to tumble.....may need to make more but all the same size this time....someday!

Have a great day!


  1. And when you put the painted ceramics out you thought about how much fun they were to paint and how proud you were of what you accomplished. We all started somewhere and it has helped create what we do today. My tree is not fashionalbe but filled with hours of learning. Have a Merry Christmas playing with your blocks! Yeah for the sun here too!!

  2. You always come up with some clever ideas! Your holiday home is just lovely!

    Hope all is well at your house so you can enjoy the rest of the season!

    (ps - I used to do ceramics too and still kinda miss it!)

  3. Forgot to tell you, Jill, that I am in love with your header! Again, so clever! I'm taking Kim's photoshop class (and I know you love Kim!) in January!

  4. Jill, I love the picture with the santa hat in it, love love love!!!! I too love old chalkboards, great idea!

  5. Chalk cool they are!
    linen lace and lattes

  6. Jill, you blog is full of the most wonderful Xmas inspiration at the moemnt! I loved the cotton reel tree in your previous post, and the advent box (I have a blank one of these and plenty of reels) You are the Queen of junk, fab! Margaret

  7. These are really cute. I'm starting to love winter decorations that don't have to do with santa, snowmen and that sort of thing. Rosettes are lovely, too.


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