Reflection: Acceptance

Over at the Inspiration Studio, the theme is reflections this week.  They are spending a bit of time thinking about the past year. When I read her post asking people to submit photos to the flickr pool with the theme reflecting, I knew what photos would be a good representation of our year right away. But, they are straight out of the camera with no editing so I decided to post them here instead.  You see the fact that they are just as is, is a main reason why they are representative of our life.

Our youngest daughters sleep in our room.  You can read why here.  First we had two cribs then progressed to a full size mattress on the floor. Currently, this is the sweetest spot in the house.  I usually read to them, but sometimes Randy does.  Last month, I thought "I need to get a picture of this." And, I did.

He kept reading, not sure if they were completely asleep yet.  Straight out of the tub, hair only slightly combed.  Mismatched pjs, pillows without cases, a quilt that I made in high school.  No little girl room decor. In the corner that you don't see is a shelf of books and a pile of toys.  p.i.l.e. It's always a mess.

So, then last Tuesday (after Audrey had another seizure, she's OK now.  It had be 2 1/2 years since she had one and we thought she had outgrown them too.  She will eventually.) I called my son to come that night and take my picture with them in this special spot.

So, why do I think these photos reflect our year, our past four years?

It's not that they are perfect in their imperfectness, like my junk, antiques, and rusty pieces.  No, not at all.  It's because they show life as it is. Now.

It is what it is.   We might want things to be different.  But they aren't. These are living in the moment photos. Photos of peace and joy in acceptance.

It doesn't mean I can't keep altering photos,dressing up junk trees, and praying for healing for my little gals. Heck no! Not at all.

But, at the end of the day, I need to accept the day. What was accomplished, what wasn't, what happened, what didn't, and pray

that today was enough. 

I am not completely there.  At all.  But, this past year has been part of the journey.

Later this week will be a posting of the finished junk tree...maybe!!


  1. goosebumps... my friend... goosebumps... so profound... love and prayers....

    xxo, kim

  2. jill, thank you for this post. such a beautiful glimpse of the lengths and depths of love we have for our children...and the unsurpassed beauty of "real"...

    love your reflection! xo, sue

  3. There are so many reasons that I just love you. This is one of them.


  4. Beautiful words. "Today was enough." Yesterday I sat and cuddled my precious little girl. It broke my heart that she had no way to tell me what hurt, but I know her eyes were telling me "thank you for holding me." That was enough.

  5. Jill,
    What a beautiful post. And what a wonderful reflection of what this whole season is about. Learning, going day by day, just trying to remeber what matters and asking for help to get there. Love, love, love your beautiful words and photos!

  6. Jill, such well chosen words and beautiful photos,very special Mx


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