Well the countdown is on.  I'm afraid we lost about 5 days to illness and extreme worry here.  But, that acceptance thing.  Well, I was feeling everything BUT acceptance on Friday.  Now, the cloud has passed and well, it is what it is, and I would say my heart is indeed ready for the Christ child. 

On to cheerier things!!

I bought this plain chipboard advent calendar at Hobby Lobby (half price!) , painted it, added vintage text squares, numbers...

...and candy!

I painted both sides of the drawers, but only put numbers on one side.

The drawers come out and can be turned around.  That is how the little girls are counting the days down.  They pull out the drawer and turn it around each day.  And, there is enough room in each box to hold six pieces of candy.  The college girls can get theirs when they come home! 
This was a fun project and you could decorate the box in so many ways. 
How's your countdown going?!


  1. I love it! I really like the fact that you can still use it after Christmas. I will have to be on the hunt for one of those.

  2. This is great. Countdown is going well. But something big is happening in our lives today and I'm having a hard time doing the things I'm supposed to be doing - our DIL is having our first grandchild today!

  3. happy to hear the fluster has calmed a bit...praying for you...

    this little boxy thingy...i LOVE it...want to get one..i would use it to store JUNK..what else..i love what you did with it..and one of my fav colors this year...

  4. Oh I love it! What a great way to count down! I especially like that the drawers can show with or without the numbers. And candy at the holidays is always a plus.

  5. LOVE this - especially the idea of turning the drawers around to count down the days. Wonderful idea!

  6. very sweet--love the color! you decorated it beautifully!

  7. Love what you've done with this "countdown" box! Lots of uses for this yummy piece. Gotta love Hobby Lobby. Adored your junk tree too! I read all the posts as they came out in google reader but with Christmas, kids home from college, son's surgery, etc. wasn't taking the time to leave comments. Nonetheless, I enjoyed being able to sneak in some quick google reader inspiration! And I always love your posts, Jill! xo, Sue


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