Wordless Wednesday: Grandma and Grand Daughter.

The Tank Garden-An Unintentional Ode to Frank.

See that nice new mulch?  All out and spread around my tank garden by my son. :)  It took two years to get that done, but here it is, done.  
High Hope fulfilled.

One of the new planters in the garden, that I just planted this morning. 
It's some kind of old feeder.

Grow and bloom little flowers!

This is an old galvanized pail with an annual baby's breath in it.  I think this should be a perfect combination. Around here our plant selection is sooooo slim that I was happy to find this plant.  I haven't seen annual baby's breath in a number of years.  It used to be a standard one here.  Does anyone know if it grows from seed easily?  I should try it next year.

This is another new planter this year sitting at the end of a brick path my son made for me.  We had some odds and ends bricks here...so in true form for this garden, the path ended when the bricks ran out.

We will try some plants in the bottom of the chicken waterer and in the bricks around it.  We'll see how it works with very little soil.

On top of the chicken waterer, is some type of strainer I found to use as a planter. I put a wire vine and a sweet potato vine in it.  I'll take another picture when they grow. :)

These two words make me smile.

Do you want to hear Frank Sinatra singing "Blue Skies"?  Here is one recording, but, it's not live I'm afraid.    I've always kind of liked Willie Nelson singing "Blue Skies".

I'm still tying to figure out what to do with my stones.  I think some type of rustic easel to hold them.  I also need to age them.  Any thoughts or ideas?  They will be in full sun so I don't know if growing moss on them would work.

I used a kit like this to make them that my sister gave to me many years ago.  Hey, that's another high hope fulfilled.  :)

 Enjoy your weekend!!

A Thrifting We Went

My son and I went to buy some plants for the garden yesterday and got side tracked along the way....
I checked out a new consignment shop in a near by town and another thrift store that I just discovered in the last year.

Just some odds and ends here, but I was happy with them.  I was especially excited to find the red bakelite handled chrome tray.  I used to collect red bakelite.

I already had a setting of eight of these and now found a setting of 12 along with a platter!!  
*Happy Dance * as they say.

AND, these too!  This is a setting of 8 so now we can serve 28 people with coordinating dishes.  Pretty!!!

This is my son's treasure that he bought at the antique store where I have a booth.  He saw it last time we were there and over the past weeks decided he definitely wanted it if it was still there.  It's a brass and copper fire extinguisher, VERY cool!  I hope he decides he doesn't have room for it in his room. I'll find a place for it!

Now, to get the plants in the garden. 

I'm late to the party but what the heck, I'll link up anyway. :)

Can You Judge a Wine...

...by it's label?!?!

Ha!  I did and I love this bottle!  I have no idea if the wine was good or not.  I bought it for using in an egg dish and had hopes of drinking the rest.  I did taste it but I'm not a big wine drinker.  However, the egg dish was great.

This label makes me laugh even though we don't have a cat.

Oh, yes, there were hopes of drinking the rest, but wow. wow. wow.  "Life" has been coming at us.  First, there is that sweet new grand baby to love and all that comes with the end of the school year and beginning of summer with kids home. But, there also  has been unexpected house repairs.  Big ones.  Then hail.  Big hail.  A new water heater.  Which of course means there were cold showers. And, the list goes on I'm afraid. 

So, the rest of the wine was poured down the drain when I found it in the refrigerator that quit working.

But, the bottle will stay and will make me laugh in the face of dinner and home repairs!!  

I've never watched Mad Men, but my guess this is in response to that show?  

Gosh, I've missed blogging! 

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