A Thrifting We Went

My son and I went to buy some plants for the garden yesterday and got side tracked along the way....
I checked out a new consignment shop in a near by town and another thrift store that I just discovered in the last year.

Just some odds and ends here, but I was happy with them.  I was especially excited to find the red bakelite handled chrome tray.  I used to collect red bakelite.

I already had a setting of eight of these and now found a setting of 12 along with a platter!!  
*Happy Dance * as they say.

AND, these too!  This is a setting of 8 so now we can serve 28 people with coordinating dishes.  Pretty!!!

This is my son's treasure that he bought at the antique store where I have a booth.  He saw it last time we were there and over the past weeks decided he definitely wanted it if it was still there.  It's a brass and copper fire extinguisher, VERY cool!  I hope he decides he doesn't have room for it in his room. I'll find a place for it!

Now, to get the plants in the garden. 

I'm late to the party but what the heck, I'll link up anyway. :)


  1. Oh my!! I have never seen another fire extinguisher like mine!! In fact, while reading your post, I looked up to be sure mine was still in my living room! LOL! Mine was rescued years ago by my Mother from an old cotton gin in Simonton, Tx. It is a twin to yours!! I grew up in Simonton and still live here, so mine has a special place! I hope he (or you!) will enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine!

  2. Love the grey and yellow plates. Great finds by you and your son. x

  3. love the fire extinguisher...and the matching set of plates!

  4. Thrifting is the best thing ever! I have booths in several shops- the downfall being sometimes spending more than we make!!LOL Drop by to see my latest post on thrift find, if you get a chance!!

  5. I LOVE to see your finds after a treasure hunt! If I'm ever in the midwest, I will be renting a truck :)

  6. Your plates are gorgeous! The fire extinguisher was a real find (a beauty!)

  7. I stopped over via ATG thrift share from last week, I am now a follower. I enjoy reading about thrift finds. Looking forward to reading your blog.❤


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