Sparkly Corrugated Cardboard...Pretty!

Earlier this week,my second daughter at home on break from college went 'acrafting down in the sewing room.  I thought maybe I could hide the wreath she made so I could keep it.

A great tutorial for book page roses can be found here and I've made quite a few into wreaths and just put some in a bowl.  But, I really like that Bonnie used corrugated cardboard for the flowers.  Really like the corrugated cardboard.

She wrapped an embroidery hoop with textured off white yarn for the base and with a generous sprinkling of glitter, the wreath is beautiful! The wreath found it's home in her apartment and does not hang on the door in my laundry room. :(  But, now I realize that I need a wreath on the door in my laundry room. :)

There was more I realized about the door in my laundry room too when I took the pictures, but what fun would that be to blog about?

Bonnie and I will both tell you that you really don't have to be too exact in cutting the spiral.  Once you start gluing it's very forgiving.  Neither of us even drew out the spiral, we just cut.

I have a couple of baby projects to post about next week. Did I tell you all that our expected grand baby is a girl?!  Isn't it funny, that there would be an exclamation point included whether it was a boy or a girl?  :)

  My New Year's Post   from last year is still relevant today, so I'll just say Happy New Year!!

A Sweet New Bag to Bring in the New Year

I will be "toten' in style" in 2012.

I used one of my fat quarters that I blogged about here to sew this tote.  For some reason, having things dated is really appealing to me right now.

I used some vintage yellow fabric I had to line it and part of a canvas shower curtain for the back of the bag. :)  I'm sorry I didn't take photos along the way to give you a tutorial, but it's just a basic sew right sides together kind of tote.  I used the extra fabric I cut off to make the handles.

This wall hanging is going back with one of my daughters to her apartment.  You can purchase the same fat quarter tea towel calendar here.  The design is by Patty Sloniger. Her blog can be found here. The linen cotton canvas is recommended and I agree.

I hope your Christmas Season and the end of 2011 is a peaceful time for you.

Advent Ends :: Christmas Begins

I bought (or traded for) this green wire tree from Leah last year sometime.  I may have actually paid her cash for it :)  We've been known to trade though which I love to do.  She loves it too.  You could say, "Hey, Leah I'd trade you  for one of those awesome trunks with which you built your awesome tree!"  "To which she may say, "Sure, do you have an extra fruitcake?"  funny, I am.

Anyway....back to the tree project. Keeping predominantly red and green in mind,  I dug out a couple of old magazines,

some vintage flash cards,

vintage fabric scraps, stamps,

a few vintage greeting cards from an old scrapbook I bought at an auction,

a few pieces of red and green vintage jewelry pieces,

a bunch of well aged clothes pins,

wrapping paper,

And clipped them all on with the help of my daughter.

I am praying for a blessed Christmas season for all of you.  
May you find joy where it's unexpected.
Merry Christmas!

A Little More Sparkly

I started glittering old light bulbs here at the end of November.  The glitter I used was just craft store glitter, but after much coercing, I convinced myself to use some of my authentic vintage glitter.

I'm not kidding, I'd much rather collect vintage supplies sometimes than use them, because then you see, you don't have them.  Sometimes potential is so much more...(does that make sense to anyone else?)

I bought these bottles of glitter at an auction awhile back and the colors are so perfect.  They were from Editha's craft supplies.  I think I would have liked Editha, I certainly liked all of her supplies I came home with!

So glad I used the vintage glitter!!!

Kids have been sick here and it's been stressful...

We are still trying to "get ready"  but the real meaning of the season is not lost, but found even in the midst of the stress.  Keeping my eyes on the star.

Tinsel and vintage Christmas balls in a canning jar :)

Peace to all of you.

The magic of Christmas, Florabella overlays, and glitter light bulb garland set a festive mood!

Christmas-y Bundt Cake Recipe

I imagine Bundt cake recipes are abundant out there but that won't stop me from sharing this one with you. :)  My sister in law gave me the recipe quite a few years ago.

Easy and delicious.

This is this week's cake. It made it to the cake plate.  I made it yesterday and there is only a sliver left.

This is last week's cake when I planned to blog about it.  But there has been too much "merry making" around here to get it posted until now.
It didn't make it to the cake plate before I had to cut into it.

1 cake mix
1 small pkg. instant pudding mix
1 C. water
1/3 C. oil
4 eggs

Mix for 30 sec. on low speed then for 2 min. on med. speed with an electric mixer.  Put in a greased bundt cake pan.
Bake at 325 degrees for 55-60 min.
Let cool 10-15 min. and remove from pan. 
When completely cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

You can use any flavor combination of cake mix and pudding that you like.  This is the combination we all just loved this past week.  Spice cake.

And gingerbread pudding.

I'm a big fan of frosting, but honestly this cake is just so good without any frosting.  Not filling.  Just the right amount of sweet.

Now, I know you all don't have time for silliness, but just in case you need some.... we can't have a bundt here without this scene being "played" out.  I know.  Lame.  But, it makes me smile :)

I do hope your Advent time is going smoothly.  May these days be blessed for you!

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