A Little More Sparkly

I started glittering old light bulbs here at the end of November.  The glitter I used was just craft store glitter, but after much coercing, I convinced myself to use some of my authentic vintage glitter.

I'm not kidding, I'd much rather collect vintage supplies sometimes than use them, because then you see, you don't have them.  Sometimes potential is so much more...(does that make sense to anyone else?)

I bought these bottles of glitter at an auction awhile back and the colors are so perfect.  They were from Editha's craft supplies.  I think I would have liked Editha, I certainly liked all of her supplies I came home with!

So glad I used the vintage glitter!!!

Kids have been sick here and it's been stressful...

We are still trying to "get ready"  but the real meaning of the season is not lost, but found even in the midst of the stress.  Keeping my eyes on the star.

Tinsel and vintage Christmas balls in a canning jar :)

Peace to all of you.

The magic of Christmas, Florabella overlays, and glitter light bulb garland set a festive mood!


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about not wanting to use up vintage supplies. I am forcing myself to use mine.
    Your light bulbs are so very pretty.
    I hope everyone soon feels better. Christmas comes "ready or not" and having your heart ready is more meaningful than the other stuff.

  2. Those are gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas.

  3. It makes perfect sense to me. Perfect. ;-D

    I hope all of your family is on their way to feeling better for Christmas. You are ALL in my prayers always.

    And the bulbs?! FANTASTIC!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. ok...have five canning jars on the floor of my office with the zinc lids, that I have been kicking for three weeks now...wanted to do something with them but couldn't think of what...after seeing your jars with the tinsel and the ornaments...now I know - thanks once again for the inspiration! you rock!

  5. Oh it's all so beautiful...merry and bright comes to mind when viewing your lovely photos.

  6. Your vintage glitter collection is so great! I love all the colors too. They added such charm to your decorations. I love the decorations in the mason jars...too cute! Merry Christmas!

  7. Hope the little ones are feeling better.
    This is a great idea...thanks for sharing!

  8. georgeous vintage colours, love what you did with your glitter too, they look fab in the bowl.
    All the best to your and yours in the run-up to Christmas. My

  9. precious twinkle of glitter from years gone by...and I get what you're saying exactly...sometimes it is just fun looking at things that we've rescued :)

    hope that your dear ones are feeling much better very soon and you can all feel the twinkle

  10. Those are so pretty and the color shades are beautiful. In the glass piece they look wonderful!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I just found you off Pinterest with your Christmas tree out of salvaged wood and drawers. Oh I love it! Are you selling it? I would love to buy it!! :) And I love your glitter Christmas light bulbs! I am your newest follower, and I am adding you to my blogroll...I don't want to miss a thing!

  12. The canning jar display is brilliant! I have some very precious ornaments I don't trust to hang on the tree but would love to show them off. I am totally stealing your jar idea! May have to take your glittery bulb idea too while I'm at it.

    Oh, and your bundt cake recipe- thank you for that also!
    Am leaving with my arms full...

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