Out On a Walk

My little girls are getting older....

and a little more brave!

They got about half way out before they came back, but there was no time of panic.  Brave, these two are not...or now I can say, were not. :)

If you are wondering...yes, this was safe for them.

After they got off the branch, the cat walked out and settled in with ease, ha!

We had such a nice time enjoying the mild temperature yesterday!
Today, I'm linking up with Mary for Mosaic Monday.

Filed Under Shoes in Dressup

I've been trying to organize my pictures in my computer files and in the end, hopefully, print out more.  This week's Friday's Find is from my pictures files.

My youngest two, five years ago.
Playing dress up, but just with shoes this day.

Hmmmm...one was still in jammies and the other dressed.  

Dressing up in big girl shoes. :)

They haven't outgrown dress up yet either, thank goodness!  Just not as often. I realized today that I haven't taken any dress up pictures in awhile.

Time to remedy that.

Kim Klassen dot Com

Wordless Wednesday

Quiet: Texture Tuesday

About 14 years ago, my sister in law introduced a revolutionary idea to me.  Maybe not to you, but it was to me at the time.
She told me that one time, she gave up noise for Lent.
Gave up noise??  
Radio and TV mostly.  All that fill in noise.

I didn't give it up for Lent then, but later, I pretty much gave it up for life.  
Lately, I've been reintroducing some music back in and I've enjoyed it.  But, in small doses.  Now, I have quite a few kids so there is plenty of noise around, don't get me wrong.  But, when I have a choice, it's quiet.

I found that the "fill in noise" was not life giving.  Now, there is the noise in what one reads to deal with also.  And, the noise of our thoughts...much harder to give up what isn't life giving there! 

Today's theme with Kim at Texture Tuesday is Quiet.  My images were textured with Kim's texture "Enlightened". 
Ironic, yes.

"What are the images?", you may wonder.  
Light snow caught in the headlights of our car a number of weeks ago. And, the car lights illuminating a bush by our house. Aside from the engine noise the night was dark and quiet.

I hope your Lent is fruitful and that you find some quiet time.

Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

A few weeks ago, I started going through some old recipes I had and discovered some really good soup recipes.  One of them was this one.

The recipe came from a Taste of Home Magazine from at least 12 plus years ago.  I found the recipe for you online here though.

Here's the list of the ingredients, but again, the full recipe can be found here.

The fresh tomato and cilantro added at the end.....mmm...mmm....!

It may be spring, but I don't think our soup days are over yet here. 

~Happy Monday~

Big Pink Bow!

I haven't posted any granddaughter pictures in a long time!  We were able to go for a 15 minute walk the other day. It was so dreary out, that when I went to edit the pictures, I decided to let her cheery bow pop!

 Of course she wasn't going to stop, pose, and smile at the same time, no way!

My youngest told me, "Her arm is blurry!"  I replied, "She wouldn't stop moving!"

I so wish I could capture her expressions.  She's a huge grinner and can make incredible scowls and pouts too.

And, always sporting a big bow!

We've had a flu bug here.  Ugh.  We are mending quite nicely now though.  
I'm sure looking forward to warmer weather and opening up the windows and more walks.  Our forecast says it may be a few more days yet.

The Mantel Dressed for Spring

It's a bit of a hodgepodge.  

But, I like it.

A combination of new looking old with old that looks old with new that looks new. :)

The clock hasn't been wound for years.  But, it did work then.  I hope it still does. I'll try it out again someday.

I do not know who the woman is in the Bakelite frame, but she seems right at home here.

Past spring mantels can be found here and here.  This one is a bit busier!

A Little Morning Sun

Sun flare used to be viewed as photography mistake.  I love that it's now appreciated!  This morning's sun was wonderful.  (For awhile anyway, then it got a bit cloudier)
Happy Monday!

Saturday Digest

►Yesterday, the sunlight was streaming in the windows and out my daughter's bedroom door. Or maybe she was being visited by an Angel.  :)

►Do any of you remember the very short TV series State of Grace?  I remembered it the other day while my 14 y/o daughter and I were talking about the American Girl dolls.  I went googling and found the two season series here.  I hope it's as good as I remember it, my older girls really enjoyed it.

►With a strategically placed suggestion/hint, I received a bracelet from my husband from this shop for Christmas.  I love it.  I did have to make an adjustment on the length for it to fit my wrist, but then I was good.  (Truth be told, I sent him the link, haha!)  "Jewelry for the Old Soul" the shop owner calls her work.  Yep.

►I would love to make a bunch of these, for where I don't know, but they are too fun!  I wonder how copyright works when copying and selling vintage patterns. Does anyone know?

~happy weekend~

I Like My Coffee Hot

I was toasting a bagel and noticed the steam from the coffee was catching the light quite nicely this morning....an impromptu photo shoot ensued.

I hope you are having a nice week!

Kim Klassen dot Com

The Foundation Remains

Do you remeber the post I did on our barn being moved to the Fairgrounds?
I didn't get to see it being moved, but I did watch a clip from one of the news shows as they sent a camera out to cover it.
A number of weeks ago, the younger girls and I went up to the farm.  This is the foundation that remains.  
The date, Aug. 9 1919 was etched in two places in the concrete foundation.

Hmmm...if we could cut this and dig it out...you know this would make a great piece to set in a garden!!
I am so drawn to the symbolism of this.  Especially, during this Lenten season.  It makes you think doesn't it?  
When all is gone, what is etched on your foundation?  
Linking with Texture Tuesday, I used Kim's texture "2711".

Popcorn! A Stop Motion Video.

I took the pictures to make this stop motion video well over a year ago. I started to put it together right away, but got hung up on adding the music to it. It's been hard to go back to the project because I wasn't sure how to solve the problem, plus I was sure I'd forgotten what I'd already learned.

Well, I found some determination and some "stick to it-ness" in my Lenten sacrifice and finally finished it!  It's nothing grand by any means, but when your learning, a start is a start. And, that is something.

I made this video to help promote our local movie theater which is run by a volunteer board.

And, I like popcorn a lot. :)

Are you learning anything new?  Any fresh starts, or do you have a project that needs a fresh start?

Friday Finds

I am reading this book this Lent and making the self led retreat.  When I started it, I began using this book mark a friend sent me last year.
This morning, as I placed the book mark, it occurred to me that there is a connection: the book mark is a heart and the book is about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  
It's a Godincidence.
Just a little nod, that you are in the right place at the right time.

Kim Klassen dot Com

Ash Wednesday

These photos were taken during the morning blue hour last week.  I was moved by the peaceful feeling in the room so found my camera after waking up the kids. The photos are unedited except for adding the words.  The wind chime was a gift from a friend a number of years ago and I love it hanging above our window seat.

I went looking for Lenten words and found this post of 40 words.
But, I only had nine pictures. :)
So, I chose 9 words that stood out to me.  Surprisingly, it was really easy to choose the nine and I think they may lead me well through Lent.

~a blessed Lent to you~
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