Ash Wednesday

These photos were taken during the morning blue hour last week.  I was moved by the peaceful feeling in the room so found my camera after waking up the kids. The photos are unedited except for adding the words.  The wind chime was a gift from a friend a number of years ago and I love it hanging above our window seat.

I went looking for Lenten words and found this post of 40 words.
But, I only had nine pictures. :)
So, I chose 9 words that stood out to me.  Surprisingly, it was really easy to choose the nine and I think they may lead me well through Lent.

~a blessed Lent to you~


  1. Those are lovely Lenten words.

  2. Deeply touching. A lovely way you started your day. Blessed Lent to you. has a couple of short meditations you might enjoy.


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