Saturday Digest

►Yesterday, the sunlight was streaming in the windows and out my daughter's bedroom door. Or maybe she was being visited by an Angel.  :)

►Do any of you remember the very short TV series State of Grace?  I remembered it the other day while my 14 y/o daughter and I were talking about the American Girl dolls.  I went googling and found the two season series here.  I hope it's as good as I remember it, my older girls really enjoyed it.

►With a strategically placed suggestion/hint, I received a bracelet from my husband from this shop for Christmas.  I love it.  I did have to make an adjustment on the length for it to fit my wrist, but then I was good.  (Truth be told, I sent him the link, haha!)  "Jewelry for the Old Soul" the shop owner calls her work.  Yep.

►I would love to make a bunch of these, for where I don't know, but they are too fun!  I wonder how copyright works when copying and selling vintage patterns. Does anyone know?

~happy weekend~


  1. Love those fun retro balls. I don't have a clue about copyright on vintage patterns. How sweet of your husband to get you the bracelet. I think that sometimes husbands welcome a little gentle guidance for gifts. I ask mine for links and ideas for his gifts, too.

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  3. Hi Jill! Her listing says to feel free to make and sell so I'd say that's your permission if you want to make and sell, wouldn't you think? They look like giant, colorful, hacky-sack balls!

    Hope your Spring is starting well and you're out there scratching at the dirt to see what's coming. I know I am!

    :: lynn

  4. I can see why you would like that jewelry, very beautiful.

  5. Beautiful capture of that brilliant Light stream...
    Jewelry for the old soul certainly does sound appealing...
    those are some pretty pieces!
    Happy St Paddy's Day from very snowy Virginia where there is no green in sight :)


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