This past Friday, I did some crocheting, using a simple pattern for some coasters with supplies I've had on hand for some time.  Supplies purchased with no plan in mind, so it was nice to use them.
Color was needed in all these very gray days, and this is where I found it.

I picked up a number of skeins of this heavy rug yarn at an auction.  46 cents new at Alco and 31 cents on sale.  Yeah.  I'm thinking this yarn was around awhile before I bought it. 
Maybe all the supplies that I don't use will be happily purchased by someone at an auction in years to come and brighten up a cloudy and gray day for them!
And, from the Land of Misfit Beads came this bowl of pretty glass beads.  Picked up at a craft store, these beads were cheap because they are misshapen with inconsistent holes.  I picked out the ones that had holes big enough for my yarn to go through and added them to the edge of the coasters.
My girls each picked one out for themselves.  I'm pretty sure the litte girls will use them for rugs when playing with their peg people I blogged about awhile back.
I envision making more with neutral yarn and some hand blown beads.  Seriously, but I tend to be quite unrealistic in my expectations. :)  I do, however, have the torch to make the beads.....
I followed the crochet instructions here but did not do the reverse single crochet at the end.  Well, I did....but tore it up as the yarn I was using didn't work well with that stitch...then I decided to add beads instead. 

It was like 12 below here this morning but I do see the sun out there!

I hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. I like the idea of someday somebody buying my treasures at an auction. I am quite sure my daughter will not want all that stuff.


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