Big Pink Bow!

I haven't posted any granddaughter pictures in a long time!  We were able to go for a 15 minute walk the other day. It was so dreary out, that when I went to edit the pictures, I decided to let her cheery bow pop!

 Of course she wasn't going to stop, pose, and smile at the same time, no way!

My youngest told me, "Her arm is blurry!"  I replied, "She wouldn't stop moving!"

I so wish I could capture her expressions.  She's a huge grinner and can make incredible scowls and pouts too.

And, always sporting a big bow!

We've had a flu bug here.  Ugh.  We are mending quite nicely now though.  
I'm sure looking forward to warmer weather and opening up the windows and more walks.  Our forecast says it may be a few more days yet.


  1. She's so sweet. I sympathize with the blurry picture taking - they are always on the move! Love the big bow.


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