Popcorn! A Stop Motion Video.

I took the pictures to make this stop motion video well over a year ago. I started to put it together right away, but got hung up on adding the music to it. It's been hard to go back to the project because I wasn't sure how to solve the problem, plus I was sure I'd forgotten what I'd already learned.

Well, I found some determination and some "stick to it-ness" in my Lenten sacrifice and finally finished it!  It's nothing grand by any means, but when your learning, a start is a start. And, that is something.

I made this video to help promote our local movie theater which is run by a volunteer board.

And, I like popcorn a lot. :)

Are you learning anything new?  Any fresh starts, or do you have a project that needs a fresh start?


  1. I'm impressed. Such a fun thing to learn and the music is just right. I'm finishing projects, but have a few new ones in my brain. Oh, I did start making hexies last week. That's new to me. But mostly I want to finish things.

  2. Very cool and fun...
    I can only "imagine" how much time and effort went into it...
    I could almost smell the melted butter and popcorn from here in Virginia ;)

  3. It DOES make me want popcorn!!! I'm doing the Full Circle class by Misty Mawn. It's soooo great!


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