Words Signal Emotions

....so says Elk at the Inspiration studio.  So, very true.

You could receive one of her 3x3 little pieces of art in the mail!  Check out the post here.

It Rained Last Week--Wordless Wednesday


I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about the "junk tree"  itself.  I've come up with lots of ways to build one, but none that will work with my ornaments.   I decided I  needed a fairly traditional tree, but modified.  Sunday, at the auction they sold this all apart in a box.  

I didn't even see it until they started to sell it.  I AM NOT drawn to old artificial trees so wouldn't have noticed it even if I tripped on it!  Well, they couldn't get a bid...then the light went on!  So, I got it for $.25. I had nothing to lose. I'd try to modify it somehow.

So, I began to cut, and cut, and cut.... this was the small pile I had before I moved inside because those nasty little lace bugs were ruining my "beautiful post auction sitting outside cutting pine needles loving deconstructing time"!  It took me almost three hours!  UHG!  Who'd have thought?  I figured about 45 minutes. WRONG.  My husband made us frozen corn dogs for dinner so I could keep cutting.

Now, the branches aren't in the correct rows because frankly at this point, I didn't care!  But, I have to say, I love my deconstructed tree!  The kids think it's rather ugly.  I thought it was a little too green though, so yesterday I gave it a hit and miss spraying of brown spray paint.

Here it is toned down with brown paint and the branches needing even more arranging after being tipped over a few times.  The branches will wait.  I'm not positive I'll use it for my junk ornaments yet.  We'll see how it works. I may just put it out "as is" (but with straightened branches!) and a few sparse decorations.  My daughter suggested a bird's nest tucked inside.  Sounds cute!

Yeah, so I was so excited about my prospective plan with my $.25 tree, when this one came up...up my hand went up too early at $1.00!  It's a bit yellowed so won't work as is.  Funny, how I like an aged look on just about everything, but, seriously, the yellowing is not appealing.  What do you think?  Give it a haircut too?  I think some serious deconstruction is needed to save this one.  Maybe make a wreath out of it...

I did take my shaved tree on a photo shoot and I think it was pretty photogenic~more on that later!

Have a great day!

Edited...If you'd like to see the tree decorated:  Click here.

September Junkle Bells

Nine months and I'm still on track...unbelievable.  This month I've made my ornaments out of old book pages and one of my favorite materials, rusty hardware.

I made this one by punching out squares from the book pages.  I made about 30 squares, folded them in half and then glued each one to the next.  After the stack is glued, you glue the first one to the last and the circular ornament is formed!  For the center, I rolled up a piece of book page and glued, then slid it through the center of the ornament.  I used a very small punch to make the holes in the top and bottom of the paper tube center to hang a reclaimed jewelry heart with jute.  I just used jute to hang the ornament from also.

 This ornament was made from a round punch and glueing the pieces as I described above.  This time for the center, I glued in a rusty eye bolt in the top and a fairly large bolt in the bottom.

 Then I started crocheting 30 gauge wire...

 ...with rusty washers, rings, and gaskets....

 ...and nails.

I hope to make more of all of them.

Tomorrow--  The junk tree. It is (was) a ratty old artificial tree I bought yesterday for $.25 at an auction.

If you'd like to link up your junk ornament or Christmas decoration, please do!  You can use anything you've upcycled, altered, or rehabbed!

The Day is Closing

It's early evening, and I've been thinking of all those on Nebraska's Junk Jaunt this year.  Last year, I remember as the day was coming to a close I wanted more...I'd driven so far...just one more sale?!...and, I did find one that took me to dark!

It's funny, what can really trigger a memory.  Today it was the setting sun. This year, I couldn't go and we enjoyed the most perfect fall weather here.  I love the long shadows on our porch in the early evening this time of year.

Honestly, I bought so much on the junk jaunt last year...and much of it is still waiting for my attention.  It's probably good I didn't go!

I enjoy remembering the close of a good day.  The sun setting, the temperature dropping, the shadows becoming interactive.  I've taken pictures only a few times to remember the end of a good day, but I think I will now make that a regular practice.

Wordless Wednesday

Moo Postcards....Gotta LOVE Them!

My two oldest daughter are both in college, and this summer I was trying to decide what fun things I could send them this fall.  When looking at the products that Moo has to offer, I came up with the idea of "Postcards From Home".  Of course you can just send them pictures, but it isn't the same.  Not even the same.  Putting an image on a postcard changes the status of a photo.

On the back of the Moo postcards you have a few options.  A small piece of clip art and an address can be added at the bottom. I chose instead of an address to put the label "...Postcards From Home..." and chose the heart clip art available from the site.

I chose photos that show our life here in our home, garden, and by the pond.  Nothing posed at all.  Just little clips of fun, or messes, or scenes through the window.  These haven't been sent off yet, so I chose to blur them so as not to give the girls too much insight of the cards yet to come!

Just as the photo is just a snippet of our days here, so are the messages.  Just little snippets of a thought or an "insignificant" event, but always a reminder that I'm praying for them and love them.


 Besides the postcards, I've ordered  Moo's little "Moo Cards"  and a sample of their business cards. I have to say that I just love all of them!

There are envelopes available for the Moo postcards too if you want to send the sentiment, but you're not ready for eveyone else to see the photo, or perhaps you want to stick a little "something" in with your postcard.

Besides kids away from home, I think these cards would be great too to send to family in the Military.  Don't you think they would love to get a card labeled "Postcards From Home"?!

Moo is offering a 10% discount until September 30th using the code USQXRM at checkout.  You can click the button above to get to their site.

And, in case you don't know...it's $.28 to send a postcard.  I could never remember that until I started mailing these.

Messin' With Texture and Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago I bought this glass cutting table top at the same auction I bought this lovely piece.  It's super HEAVY, but I just loved it.  I loved the texture of it and thought it would make a great background for taking photos.
Well, today, I finally was able to make it to a couple of garage sales.  I have been to very few this summer.  I didn't pick up much, but thought I might take a couple of pictures of some items to show you when I got home.  When I got out my camera and started shooting, my table was there in the background, and I thought again of how much I like the texture. I'd been wondering if it would work to use it to texturize photos like I've been learning over at Kim's Cafe.  I decided it was time to try it.

These are three pretty little tea cups I picked up today.

Some milk glass...

and one of my favorite items...flash bulbs!  I think the texture from my glass cutting table top worked beautifully!

I just took a full frame photo of the table top and then used it as a layer as I've learned over at Kim's blog.  Thanks so much Kim for all the information!!
I did buy more...but it will wait for another day. 
I'm still trying to decide where to store the beast of a table so I can easily get to it for using it as a photo back drop.  It's been "sunning" since I bought it.  It really needed some fresh air!

This Morning

It was foggy this morning.

I walked down by our pond and the ducks flew away and the frogs all hopped into the water from the shore at my approach.

The fast approaching Fall was evident.

I couldn't stay long, but sometimes you make a few moments enough.

And, I'll try to keep the memory of it fresh today while I tend to the "inside" of the house.

May you feel the peace of a foggy morning today too!

To the Big City

We went to Lincoln last night to take our college girls out to eat for Bonnie's 19th birthday.  Spaghetti Works made everyone happy and full.

This makes me smile all over again.  Although there were no mochas or lattes last night, the night lights and the hope of a latte were enough to make me smile.  That's part of our family in the bottom right hand corner.  Caroline issued a challenge to photograph strangers here a few weeks ago.  It's been on my mind since then.  I saw a much older gentleman riding a bike last night right here in front of the parking garage.  I wanted so badly to stop him and ask for the opportunity to photograph him.  Just wasn't time.  Someday, though, I will. 

Downtown Lincoln isn't too big, but there are a couple of blocks that make you feel like you are in a much bigger city.  I love to visit the downtown areas of cities.  ...wouldn't want to live in one...  but, so nice for brief visits.

Happy Friday!

Kim IS Inspiring!

I have really been enjoying Kim Klassen's Cafe and Inspiration Studio so was pretty excited when I saw one of my photos featured on her site here!

I took this photo of the salt and pepper shakers I use in my laundry room for vases.  It doesn't take much of a flower to fill them so it's easy to find little buds and sprigs to keep them full. (The white flowers are actually chives that are blooming!  The onion smell dissipates after awhile.)  I spend so much time in the laundry room that I really enjoy these!  I first posted about my shakers as vases here.

I edited the photo with Kim's textures and I'm telling you learning photoshop may be challenging, but very rewarding!  She has such incredible information on her two blogs that little by little I'm learning.  Even if you aren't interested in learning photoshop or using textures, the Inspiration Studio is just a joy to visit.  Posts that, well, inspire you.

Wedding Report:  The weekend was fun!  The food at my brother and sister-in-laws bbq was AWESOME, the bride was BEAUTIFUL, the flower girls were cute as buttons, and the "matrons of honor" weren't too matronly!

It's a Wedding!

My sister, Paulette, is getting married for the first time tomorrow!!  I'm a bridesmaid, my two little gals are the flower girls, Claire and Will are candle lighters, my oldest daughters are helping with hair, and Randy is keeping us all on track!  Tonight the prenuptial dinner will be a casual BBQ at my brother's house.  Everyone is looking forward to getting together for the whole weekend.  We just don't all get together that often.  Even nieces and nephews will be there. I love getting to see them!

They are both so happy and it will be a blessing to witness this marriage.

Then on to more wedding planning for us ~ (my daughter Lauren is getting married next June!!)

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!!

Rosette Swap

I participated in a Rosette Swap hosted by Jill at Gypsy Brocante a couple of weeks ago.  Today everyone posts about the swap so you can visit and see all the lovely rosettes that have been traveling across the country and exciting each blogger as she opens up her mail box.  And, I'm not too proud to admit that when I first came upon Jill's beautiful blog a year or so ago I had no idea what "Brocante" meant.  Yes, I had to google it.  For all of you other bloggers "needing to be schooled".....it's French for Flea Market.  Now, don't you love the word?!

Anyway-----My Rosette partner who had my name was Polly at Counting Your Blessings.  She sent me not one, but 3 rosettes.  The first one is this lovely pin. It says "Blessings of Gratitude"  How wonderful.  It really is a blessing to be able to be grateful. (and, I am!)

This is a paper rosette on a clothespin to hold notes or messages.  This may go on my refrigerator or in my sewing room to hold pieces of "inspiring tidbits".

Wow!  Look at this beautiful taffeta roseette that was in my box!  It's simply gorgeous.  Looks rather fine on fur don't you think?!

She has these available here on her site in different colors. So, if you'd like your own, hop on over!  It really is very lovely!   Thank you so much Polly!

I had Karen from Some Days Are Diamonds for my partner.  You can check out her blog here to see what I sent her!

I enjoyed this swap so much.  Thanks again to Jill for hosting it!
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