The Day is Closing

It's early evening, and I've been thinking of all those on Nebraska's Junk Jaunt this year.  Last year, I remember as the day was coming to a close I wanted more...I'd driven so far...just one more sale?!...and, I did find one that took me to dark!

It's funny, what can really trigger a memory.  Today it was the setting sun. This year, I couldn't go and we enjoyed the most perfect fall weather here.  I love the long shadows on our porch in the early evening this time of year.

Honestly, I bought so much on the junk jaunt last year...and much of it is still waiting for my attention.  It's probably good I didn't go!

I enjoy remembering the close of a good day.  The sun setting, the temperature dropping, the shadows becoming interactive.  I've taken pictures only a few times to remember the end of a good day, but I think I will now make that a regular practice.


  1. I love the photo of your daughter in shadow, so cool! Lezlee

  2. I agree with Prior, the shadow silhouette of your daughter on the porch is wonderful. Great picture!
    I was reading some of your previous posts and I love the idea of sending the postcards from home. My son is in his first year of college and I think he would enjoy getting some of these. Thanks for the idea.

  3. jill, i think i will remember this years junk jaunt like you did last years. it was by far, one of the best days i've had in a really long time. from super energetic when the alarm went off, to dragging ourselves into the house after the sun had long set.....oh jeez, this may have to be a blog post....thanks!


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