Moo Postcards....Gotta LOVE Them!

My two oldest daughter are both in college, and this summer I was trying to decide what fun things I could send them this fall.  When looking at the products that Moo has to offer, I came up with the idea of "Postcards From Home".  Of course you can just send them pictures, but it isn't the same.  Not even the same.  Putting an image on a postcard changes the status of a photo.

On the back of the Moo postcards you have a few options.  A small piece of clip art and an address can be added at the bottom. I chose instead of an address to put the label "...Postcards From Home..." and chose the heart clip art available from the site.

I chose photos that show our life here in our home, garden, and by the pond.  Nothing posed at all.  Just little clips of fun, or messes, or scenes through the window.  These haven't been sent off yet, so I chose to blur them so as not to give the girls too much insight of the cards yet to come!

Just as the photo is just a snippet of our days here, so are the messages.  Just little snippets of a thought or an "insignificant" event, but always a reminder that I'm praying for them and love them.


 Besides the postcards, I've ordered  Moo's little "Moo Cards"  and a sample of their business cards. I have to say that I just love all of them!

There are envelopes available for the Moo postcards too if you want to send the sentiment, but you're not ready for eveyone else to see the photo, or perhaps you want to stick a little "something" in with your postcard.

Besides kids away from home, I think these cards would be great too to send to family in the Military.  Don't you think they would love to get a card labeled "Postcards From Home"?!

Moo is offering a 10% discount until September 30th using the code USQXRM at checkout.  You can click the button above to get to their site.

And, in case you don't's $.28 to send a postcard.  I could never remember that until I started mailing these.


  1. This is a wonderful idea. I'm curious to know if MOO ships to Canada. I have some photos that I'd love to see on postcards.

  2. I LOVE Moo! I got a free sampling of 50 business cards a while back and don't want to hand them out I love them so much!! LOL! Kinda defeats the purpose!! hehehe!

  3. I had heard of Moo cards but was never sure what it was....thanks for letting us newbies know. I just heard of Tumblr....I'm so hehind on all this new stuff!


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