Messin' With Texture and Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago I bought this glass cutting table top at the same auction I bought this lovely piece.  It's super HEAVY, but I just loved it.  I loved the texture of it and thought it would make a great background for taking photos.
Well, today, I finally was able to make it to a couple of garage sales.  I have been to very few this summer.  I didn't pick up much, but thought I might take a couple of pictures of some items to show you when I got home.  When I got out my camera and started shooting, my table was there in the background, and I thought again of how much I like the texture. I'd been wondering if it would work to use it to texturize photos like I've been learning over at Kim's Cafe.  I decided it was time to try it.

These are three pretty little tea cups I picked up today.

Some milk glass...

and one of my favorite items...flash bulbs!  I think the texture from my glass cutting table top worked beautifully!

I just took a full frame photo of the table top and then used it as a layer as I've learned over at Kim's blog.  Thanks so much Kim for all the information!!
I did buy more...but it will wait for another day. 
I'm still trying to decide where to store the beast of a table so I can easily get to it for using it as a photo back drop.  It's been "sunning" since I bought it.  It really needed some fresh air!


  1. That is a perfect texture! Those photos are beautiful.

  2. Jill, WOW to that awesome auction score on the cutting board...adore the patina and the way it screams HISTORY. It makes a perfect texture as well...I'm with you on Kim's fantastic offerings! Xo, Sue

  3. The texture is wonderful. It really shows off the main subject. I love your foggy photos below too.
    Thank you for visiting Tattered Past. I look forward to more visits back-and-forth.

  4. that IS a sweet texture. why do grid patterns make so much sense in my head?

  5. That truly looks amazing! What a great idea!
    I have been so inspired by Kim's textures and am having great fun trying different ideas out with my photos! :)


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