It's A Give-Away!

I sent you yesterday to Leah's blog to check out her funny entry, well Go Back!! Again! Click Here! She's having a giveaway for some of her fun and cool stuff. By stuff, I mean treasures, art, photography--she's not letting us in yet on exactly what, but doesn't that make it all the more exciting?

Was It A Car Or A Cat I Saw?

Huh? For a little fun today, check out Leah's Blog. (Then, the blog title might make some sense!) Leah is witty, creative, fun, and sells great vintage stuff in her Etsy Shop.
This teapot would look vintage-y modern-y fab as a vase also!
This is found here. I know you'll love the candy dish. I have one just like it in my house!!

...In The Lane, Snow is Glistening...

Thought I'd better take a picture before it's gone. It's BE-utiful out today!

May You Have A Blessed Christmas

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a very blessed Christmas. I am offering my Christmas Mass tonight (actually at 4:oo) for all of those who are lonely,depressed, or grieving this time of year. I will also keep in my intentions those who maybe aren't necessarily lonely or depressed, but find themselves disappointed that all isn't going as they had hoped for. I tell my kids that we thank God that not everything depends on one single moment in time. So much hype is placed on any point in time being so "perfect" ---your senior year in high school, your child's first know what I mean.

The only points in time that really mattered were when Mary said "Yes" to God to bear His Son and when Jesus said "Yes" to suffer for all of us. And tonight, tomorrow, and this Christmas season that is what we celebrate. It doesn't matter if the clothes aren't perfect little Christmas outfits that match, the dessert was bought at the store instead of homemade, kids fight--well that's just a tiny glimpse of our house of what isn't perfect. What is perfect is the Baby Jesus' love for us. For those who feel hopeless--there is HOPE--in that little baby!!

A Very Merry Christmas to you!

Dreary?--BUT Beautiful

We had to go out of town today and on the way home I was thinking how dreary it was then really realized it was actually beautiful--truly beautiful.

The shades of browns, blacks, and white...

Even the dirty snow showed texture...

Then it started to snow closer to home and the monochromatic effect was almost cozy in the bitter cold.

Keep warm everyone---
After dinking around with trying to get the tractor started and Christmas lights on garden chairs, I decided to scoop some by hand. I got to enjoy this.

My Vintage Christmas Decor

As much as I love old, rusty, vintage, & antiques, it's surprising that most of our Christmas decorations are new (well not technically) but maybe I should say not old enough to have vintage charm. As I was out trying to start the tractor to clear the lane(--aaaarrrrrgggg--it did not start by the way, so if you come to our home wear your boots for now!) I was admiring my absolute favorite chair I bought not too long ago at an auction. I also remembered that I had left a string of lights out by the fence when I was stringing up the lights back on a warmer day. HHHmmm, wouldn't that be great to have that chair in my garden and lit up for Christmas! So I pulled the lights out of the snow, and carefully dried off the plug (I have learned to have great respect for electricity) and adorned my chair. It's not technically in the garden yet and I would like to think that I would do a better job with the lights when it's long term. But, I had fun as I waited for the tractor battery to charge!

Through My Window

This "Through My Window" shot is from the outside--in this time. I have been shooting "Through My Window" shots since last summer. Most of them are from the inside of my home or vehicle. There is something--almost magical, maybe surreal-- about being on the outside looking in don't you think?

Don't forget to click on the Holiday Promotion button on the left to go win a $10 gift certificate from a vintage Etsy shop!


It was -5 degrees when I dropped the kids off at school this morning! Thank goodness it wasn't windy! This picture was taken a few nights ago. Looks like no one dusted the outside light fixtures again!

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is one of the penguins that stand guard at our front steps through the Holidays. (I did have to move him a bit to catch the sun better--shhh!)
Check out Hey Harriet for more shadows.

It's My Turn!

Today, on the Etsy Vintage Team Blog, my shop will be the one giving the $10 gift certificate away! Check it out--Just click here or the sidebar button and follow the directions--That's it!--

Decoration Revelation!

I'm sure this isn't new to many of you--but--LIGHT WHEN ON--BELL RANG--(in my head)when we were decorating the tree. I never use the neat bead garland I have because it falls off too easily, especially with little ones around.'s on the floor. My revelation--tie it on with wire ornament hangers!! Yeah, I know--dddduuuhhhh Jill- but hey--some of us are slower than others. Our tree is nicely adorned this year with silver beaded garland along with blue and silver balls and decorations- AND our collection of Star Trek ornaments.

Claire was sick again today so home from school-hence the face when I asked her to come pose in front of the tree ornament with me. This was too fun. I love the distortion of my hand and camera and nose--(OK the nose may not be so distorted!)

Christmas Baking Frenzy

Well, maybe it wasn't a "frenzy" but we all ended up with a lot of cookies! My two sisters, Mom, and one of my sister-in-laws came Sat. and we baked the day away. That's my sister-in-law Danita with my 9 year old attacking the cookie dough!

Too bad I forgot to take pictures of our finished products--we made Peanut Butter Balls, Gingerbread Cut-out Cookies, Sugar Cut-Out Cookies, Pecan Tassies, Peanut Butter Star Cookies, and a new one for us Walnut & Brown Sugar Rugalach--which was my favorite, they were seriously DEEE-licious!

Bonnie(my 17 y/o) takes a break to lull Nora(my baby) asleep. Note the vintage apron! Then she slipped off for a nap of her own--teenagers--
Happy Advent to you all!

Shadow Sunday

I made this "Christmas Tree" a couple of years ago. I inverted a tomato cage and wired the prongs together to form a point. Next, I wrapped it with grape vines that grow wild on our place, wired them to the cage, and then added white lights. Our grapevines were green and easy to wrap, but if you wanted to, you could soak a grape vine wreath and then take it apart to make one. It could use an anchor; in a strong wind, it topples over. Oh well-- you can't hurt it and the cord from the lights keeps it from going too far!
Click the Shadow Shot Sunday button in the sidebar to see more pictures over at Hey Harriet!

Vintage Wonderland

Don't forget about the $10 gift certificate give away over at the Etsy Vintage Street Team Blog! Just click on the button over there on the left and it will take you there with all the directions. For newcomers to this blogging world, check here for more detailed instructions. Keep checking back, each day until the 21st is another gift certificate for a different shop. My shop's day is the 12th of Dec. You can win more than one time!

Just an Idea For You

I just love the old pop crates--any old box actually--always grabs my attention!
I have filled a couple of them with dried flowers for decor in my home.

First, fill with Spanish Moss, then the drieds--you can't go wrong!

All the books and magazines will tell you to pick flowers at their peak to hang and dry----I say enjoy the flowers in a bouquet or in your garden until they start to wilt then hang to dry--but I like to get the most bang for anything! Really, I've hung some almost dead flowers--and once their dry you can't tell! Especially roses, their heads can be drooping-just hang them upside down and when they are dry, I think they're beautiful.
Ask friends if you can have any of their flowers when they are ready to toss them, and before long you'll have enough to fill a box!

These are just dried grasses from our place (not the garden)! Try anything, you have nothing to lose. I've had weeds that have dried beautifully.
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