My Vintage Christmas Decor

As much as I love old, rusty, vintage, & antiques, it's surprising that most of our Christmas decorations are new (well not technically) but maybe I should say not old enough to have vintage charm. As I was out trying to start the tractor to clear the lane(--aaaarrrrrgggg--it did not start by the way, so if you come to our home wear your boots for now!) I was admiring my absolute favorite chair I bought not too long ago at an auction. I also remembered that I had left a string of lights out by the fence when I was stringing up the lights back on a warmer day. HHHmmm, wouldn't that be great to have that chair in my garden and lit up for Christmas! So I pulled the lights out of the snow, and carefully dried off the plug (I have learned to have great respect for electricity) and adorned my chair. It's not technically in the garden yet and I would like to think that I would do a better job with the lights when it's long term. But, I had fun as I waited for the tractor battery to charge!


  1. These are the best decoration. The ones that are not planned but just HAPPEN!

  2. leave them. they are perfect. and, if i can wade through the snow, i may steal your chair. i will leave the lights.


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