Have A Seat...Or A Hundred....Picture Ladened Post

Awhile back I posted my daughter's instagram photo of chairs from an antique store in Columbus.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went back to take some pictures at the store.

Who doesn't love a good chair?

And, if it's old...all the better!

We probably all define a "good" chair differently.
Maybe it's a good chair if it sits in an very old building with brick walls....

or it may have some matching friends....

or maybe it has a lot of mismatched friends,

or it used to sit in a 1950s dining room...

perhaps it has upholstery nails...

You tell me. 

What draws you to a chair?



Kind of wood?

One that elicits memories?

So many choices..

No, no chairs came home with me on this day.  

I currently don't have an opening for another chair, but I do enjoy interviewing them!

For anyone local, the shop is Colonial Antiques in downtown Columbus.   Stay tuned for part 2.  They actually sell far more than chairs, ha!

Texture Tuesday: First Holy Communion

Our daughter made her first Holy Communion this past Sunday.  She had a wonderful day!  It was raining when we left Mass, but it cleared up later to a gorgeous day.   I let her wear her pretty dress all day and she didn't want to take it off when she went to bed.  It seems to me the most joy in something like that is in the moment, not in finding a perfectly preserved dress in a box years later.  

Unless, of course you are like me and the dress belonged to someone else....found at a flea market or auction 70 years later....that would bring me a lot of happy! 

I textured the photograph with Kim Klassen's "sweet treat" texture.  

View other links here.

Friday Finds: Floor Lamp and a Creepy Clown Face

As with so many things old....I have an affection for floor lamps.  Mostly I have project floor lamps that need rewiring, tightening, spiffing up... I went looking for one that I could just plug in and use.  Well, I didn't find one, but for the price of this one, I couldn't leave it. (Which is why I have project lamps!)

This one still needs "spiffing up".  It's been painted (so so job) and could used a good cleaning.  Not sure if I'll do anything about the paint.  Considering how many lamps I have that need work, pretty sure I won't, ha!

The shade is tattered, but not quite in a chic way. :)  I may have another shade to replace it or alter this one.  Well, I have quite a few shade waiting to be altered also...

My favorite part of a floor lamp like this: the graceful curves of the three arms that hold the light bulbs peaking out from under the shade.

I also loved the finial until I took the picture of it and saw a creepy clown face!!  When the light isn't shining with a black background, it just looks neat, really!

In spite of it's flaws it still has panache, and I'm happy I brought it home!  

Kim Klassen dot Com

A Winnie the Pooh Party!

Our granddaughter turned 2 this month...already?!  Since she currently loves Winnie the Pooh, my daughter made a few decorations with that theme.  
For the backdrop of the table, she covered the current picture frames she has hanging on the wall with craft paper and then decorated it.

I thought the terra cotta pot turned 'hunny' pot filled with caramel corn was so cute!

 She painted this cute little "Pooh" and put in in an existing frame she had, just over the picture.

 Now, I know what all the hoopla is about for macaroons!  I'd never tasted one before.  But, my daughter's good friend has a good friend...who is a chef of sorts and she made some awesome treats for the party!  These espresso macaroons....yowza, delicious!

These hand made chocolates....

 And, these macaroons on a stick! That's one good friend of a friend!

My daughter made these "tigger tails" that were supposed to look like this, however, the directions didn't say that the food coloring had to be a powdered pigment.  She used regular food coloring in the almond bark and says she had clay afterward. Learned something new. :)  So, she used what she had left to make normal dipped pretzel rods.

Washi tape decorates the jars to hold party supplies.

The Winnie the Pooh movie (the original one) is so cute!  It was my son's favorite.

Does she look thoughtful?  Or just like a toddler who will NOT look at the camera?

"Thinking" alongside her two youngest aunties.

This is what we got when we tried to pose a picture.  Sheesh!

There's a reason chalk boards are all the rage...so easy to add to your event!

This tissue tassel garland was pretty easy to make so I was told.  Here are the directions.

How cute is this bee hive?  She painted a white paper lantern yellow, painted the black opening, printed out honey bees from the computer, cut them out, bent the wings out, and glued them on.  

I guess I'm going backwards...here is what we were greeted with at the front door.

Let's go back to this back drop, I think it's so pretty and festive!  A set up like this would be fun for photos at any event.  The flowers are wonderful!  I'm not sure where I'd put them at our house and I don't do much for decorating for parties, but I think I want to make some! 

The flowers are made from the common Vanity brand dinner napkins.   The instructions are found here on the blog, Made. And, here is a link for the instructions for the paper rosettes.

If anyone wants to reminisce about her first birthday, you could go back to this post.

They are in the process of moving into a "new" house.  New to them, because it's 90 years old.  I've only seen pictures of the outside, and I'm anxious to see the inside.  A "fixer upper" I believe.  I know I'm going to love it!

~I hope your week is going well~
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