Texture Tuesday

Last night my daughter woke me up to see the blood moon.
It was worth getting up for!  However, I wasn't up to getting my tripod set up for a picture, as it was cold and icy on our deck.
I could use the deck rail for a tripod with my camera laying flat looking up set on "bulb" mode to catch some stars.
I layered the above image with Kim Klassen's texture "Xanthe" which brightened the stars just a bit without increasing the dark sky.  The night was perfect for star gazing!

But, the blood moon was off to the side from my camera lens on the deck rail.  So, I decided to streak the Moon (and Mars) with the "bulb" setting as it would be blurry anyway without a tripod. (I moved the camera with the shutter open.)

Look how bright the Moon and Mars were compared to the other stars!   There wasn't enough exposure to see the other stars.
The theme at Texture Tuesday is Perfectly Imperfect.  I may be stretching this a bit (you think??) as God's sky is actually pretty perfect. :)  But, my photo because it couldn't be perfect...is kind of fun with the trailing moon.

It's Holy Week so I think I'll be back here next week.  
I have much to share in the upcoming weeks: the abandoned house pictures I mentioned earlier... a two year old's birthday party....an antique store....an abandoned theater....a frosting recipe....

May you have blessed week and a JOYOUS EASTER!!  
(My 8 y ear old daughter gave up all electronic entertainment...her idea...and she said the other day, "I'm ready for Him to be risen already!")


  1. Your post made me giggle! I have trouble getting good shots of the night sky - you were lucky to capture that bit of bright red.

  2. Perfectly imperfect relates to your capture of the moon, not God's creation of it. A very well done to you for your efforts!
    Giggling at your daughter's comment.
    Easter joy and blessings to you.

  3. good for you for even getting up (or staying up!) to see the blood moon...and I think your streak shot is an excellent example of perfectly imperfect!

  4. My daughter saw the moon also at 2:30 in the morning. I was sleeping. Can't to see the future photos.


  5. Getting a good chuckle out of the 8 yr old!

  6. Wonderful. Just those tiny spots of light and color.

  7. I love both the photos, but the stars-only is very special to me, as I'm always trying to get such a photo in the mountains, and always failing, as I don't really have the right equipment. Yours is lovely and clear and makes me want to get where I can do some star-and-moon-gazing soon. Blessed Easter!


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