Texture Tuesday: First Holy Communion

Our daughter made her first Holy Communion this past Sunday.  She had a wonderful day!  It was raining when we left Mass, but it cleared up later to a gorgeous day.   I let her wear her pretty dress all day and she didn't want to take it off when she went to bed.  It seems to me the most joy in something like that is in the moment, not in finding a perfectly preserved dress in a box years later.  

Unless, of course you are like me and the dress belonged to someone else....found at a flea market or auction 70 years later....that would bring me a lot of happy! 

I textured the photograph with Kim Klassen's "sweet treat" texture.  

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  1. Such a sweet photo. I am glad she had a wonderful day. She will always remember you let her wear the dress all day, a great memory.

  2. Gorgeous photo, something to cherish for ever!

  3. What a pretty photo and what a joyful day. God bless!

    xo Danielle

  4. well that brought back some memories! so sweet and innocent...

  5. Beautiful Photograph. Nicely done.

  6. beautiful photo
    remembering a beautiful day I'm sure ♥
    I still have sweet memories of my communion day in the dress my mother made for me in Germany

  7. Love this! Perfectly processed.


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