Saturday Digest

►Never underestimate the power of a tent set up indoors.  And, a flashlight? of the best play set ups!  This was a couple of months ago when our granddaughter came to visit.  (low light grainy photo)

►Wow.  London through a marble?!  Very neat photos on here at the blog, Conversation Pieces.

►I'm still hooked on the idea of crocheting baskets, and this pattern is neat.  I think you could do it with strips of fabric too, as we made in this post. Did you get the pun, "hooked" on crocheting baskets....

Off shopping with all of my girls today!

~Have a great weekend~ 


  1. I remember my daughter got a play barbie tent one year for Christmas. That thing was set up all the time. One time she took it to my parents house and wanted my dad to sleep in the tent with her.

  2. Tents and forts are the best .... Will definitely follow your basket link .... Thanks for sharing - your links are always good ones :)

  3. Looks great...
    the simple things really can be such great fun

  4. oh my Jill!
    thank you SO much for the London marble link = Wowee!


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